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  1. Hi bullerboY, I contacted him but his wife said he was no relation.
  2. Hi there, yes, this is what someone else told me as well. I really need to contact either or both of the two people named above. https://cybermotorcycle.com/gallery/sidecars/Hillsborough-Sidecars-1954-p82.htm Pete
  3. Hi everyone, I'm researching the Hillsborough Sidecar Company that was active from just after the war until around 1960 in Sheffield and I'm keen to make contact with a couple of people that I believe may be able to help me. Does anyone have contact details for Alan Hodgson or Steve Pinson (senior)??? Alan is the eldest grandson of Harry Hodgson (who started the company) and Steve is his cousin and they both worked for Harry back in the day. Steve apparently ran Auto Rads Sheffield and I've tried them but the number is no longer in use. If anybody know these two people or if indeed they are on this forum, I would love to hear from them. Pete
  4. Hi there, I know this post is some 10 years old but I have just unearthed what I think is a Hillsborough child/adult sidecar. I am keen to talk to anyone that has any pictures or information about Harry Hodgsons company, the Hillsborough Sidecar Company. My sidecar has an ash frame so I guess it's an early one. It also has Triplex glass, a leather interior and two doors, one kerbside and the other at the back, bikeside. If Alan Hodgson or anyone else with any information or pictures reads this, please get in touch. Pantherman, if you're out there, I'd like to see a picture of your sidecar if possible. Pete
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