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  1. I am registered with them and you do get to choose, they advertise available properties and you bid on ones you want to live in. If you're successful then they offer it to you. So I'll only be bidding on areas that aren't too bad. And I have decent priority so that's not an issue. That's my thoughts too, thank you Everyone's circumstances are different. It's not just waiting time that's considered Which I do. I appreciate everyone's input regards the areas, thank you it's very helpful
  2. Hi all, I'm a council tenant in Wakefield, wanting to move to Sheffield. I don't know the area and have young kids so would like to live somewhere relatively clean and safe. I've read loads of threads on here of people asking what areas are like and from what I've gathered, every single area that the council offer are said to be awful! I suspect that everyone has a different idea of what's a good area, I've been raised on council estates so don't expect perfection. Where I live there's loads of antisocial youths that throw stuff at cars, burn wheelie bins etc. Kids gather in the park after dark to get wrecked, they like to speed their trail bikes up and down the roads too. There's always crowds of them at the shops. It's easier to point out who doesn't smoke weed, it's always in the air round here. The other day I was screaming in the street at 10pm to get a man to stop hurting his girlfriend in front of his terrified kids. Some young kid stabbed another a few months back for no apparent reason, in the street. So except for shootings we pretty much have it all here! And still, I'd say living here is good, the majority are good people who watch out for each other. I'm moving to be closer to family and hopefully live somewhere where there aren't massive street parties full of wrong uns fighting in the middle of the week at night! Areas that keep coming up are : Wybourn around Matravers Road Arborthorne Lowedges Pitsmoor Parson Cross (Adrian Crescent this week) Southy/Longley Batemoor Shirecliffe Shiregreen High Green Heeley around Tillotson Rise Could anyone with experience of living in these places tell me which is the best of a bad bunch please? Many thanks
  3. Thank you everywhere, guess I'll keep bidding on other areas then!
  4. You've been really helpful thank you 🙂
  5. Has anything happened since in that way, violence etc?
  6. Hi there I'm bidding on houses and have seen mixed reports about Arborthorne, does anyone know what it's like around Fellbrigg Road?
  7. We have a lady who deals weed from her garage in her pyjamas here and it's easier to say who doesn't smoke it than who does, the air is thick with it, so as long as the drugs don't come my way I'm happy to keep myself to myself in that respect! I read about a shooting last year in Heeley which scared me, I have young children so want to ensure I move somewhere safe for them
  8. Hi there, I'm moving to Sheffield as soon as I can win a bid through the council. However, I don't know the area well, could anyone tell me what Heeley is like, specifically around Tillotson Rise?
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