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  1. It's hard Nik Nak, I sympathise. At the end of the day, you have to do what's best for you and your family. Don't be too hard on yourself, whatever choices you make, they are the right ones at the time, that's all you have to think. You may find it's not as bad as you think, and actually enjoy some time in the company of adults in the working world. If issues are forcing you to look at your job and colleagues, then spend what time you have to there, whilst looking elsewhere for something that is more suitable. It will all work out. It does sound like you've got family support, which is great and a lot more than some have, so count your blessings for that. Good luck.
  2. Perhaps we should have local votes via the net where people can vote for what they'd like to see their MP do during that week. Oh and let's not forget their "secretaries" too!
  3. It's quite expensive, especially with the current pound v euro.
  4. An interesting and informative article.
  5. Send them a 2p coin in an envelope. They won't know what to do with cash. I had a demand for about 27p once. I wrote a cheque out to pay the bearer "the grand sum of 27p ONLY". Never heard from them since. Don't know if they cashed it.
  6. So...the "them and us" mentality is still with us in Sheffield then. So what if some of the fans had been drinking? Does that mean they are to blame for the deaths of their fellow supporters? Of course it doesn't. Does it mean they should have been denied adequate medical provision? Does it mean that they should be treated inhumanely? SYP and SWFC had a duty to ensure that fans did not die. If some of the fans were so drunk that they were a danger to others, they should have been turned away before they got to the gates/turnstiles - by effective policing. The police had a duty to ensure fans were safe. I feel very sad that not only did our city let those innocent victims down and their families 20 years ago but also that some of us feel it's still appropriate to apportion blame to the fans for the deaths. Yes, I'm sure some were intoxicated - it would be a miracle if not, seeing as every match I go to there's a fair few but the police up and down the country have dealt with this week in and week out for years without such a tragedy. They were paying customers for heavens sake. They paid to see a football match - a proportion of this was probably paid to ensure their safety. To say they were let down badly by our city is a bit of an understatement. I'm sure the police did not want the outcome and many were deeply affected but haven't they had their compensation, and with that, public recognition that they had been victims of a tragedy? How much more do you think the fans and families have suffered? And let's face it, the fans paid to be there, they were not being paid to be there to do a job. It's a terrible injustice that must be put right. Duckenfield was wrong, he lied and he should at least apologise. If he hadn't been in Sheffield that long, and had no experience of managing a match of such proportion, why is the buck stopping there? Who appointed Duckenfield and thought he had sufficient experience to police the match on that day? So, if it's been actioned for all the documents to be seen now, when does the public get to see them? I've put up with being pushed over and crushed into pens and being sworn at and insulted by the police and genuinely been treated like an animal, merely for being a football fan. I have had to step on to the pitch before for fear of my own safety due to crushing. Thanks to the Taylor Report things have definitely improved but whilst the Hillsborough Families are still fighting for justice, it's a travesty for football fans everywhere.
  7. RIP to the 96. Thinking of all those affected 20 years ago. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Switch to Channel 544 VM for free coverage of live events today on LFC TV. OR visit http://www.liverpoolfc.tv/news/drilldown/N164030090415-1421.htm
  8. I first learned of the tragedy as it started to unfold on TV. I was at my nans (RIP). I went home and put BBC Radio Sheffield on. They were trying to get reports and a police officer rang in and said that the fans had pushed the gate down and then serged and caused crushing in the stadium. It seemed to be as soon as this call had finished that a steward (if I remember correctly) came on and said it was not the fans that had pushed the gate down but a police officer who had given the order for the gate to be opened in spite of strong advice and a warning to the possible consequences. Does anyone else remember the BBC Radio Sheffield coverage that day? I felt quite helpless. I wanted to do something but didn't know what to do. We were getting phone calls from around the world that day, as we are avid footie fans, and people were checking we were ok but I remember keeping calls as brief as possible as we had been informed that the exchange couldn't cope with all the calls. We listed to Hallam FM in the evening. I remember just sitting in my car, crying buckets. What a sad, sad, day. And how the fans have been treated since is a disgrace. I didn't realise until I saw the ambulance driver on TV last night that his was the only ambulance that the police let through and he said they lied about the reasons for not letting other ambulances in, that were wanting to get in and could have saved lives. I know it was chaos that day and there were lots of heroes but it's time the fans had justice. JUSTICE FOR THE 96! Watch LFC TV Live coverage of memorial on VM Channel 544 free all day. I've just seen the Secretary of State for Sport get a bit of an undressing!
  9. Anyone else watching this free event on 544 VM? It's heartbreaking but absolutely excellent. UPDATE Trevor Hicks announced about 5 mins ago a report that the Chief Constable for South Yorkshire admitted full responsibility for the Hillsborough Disaster. Has anyone else heard anything about this? He said he was waiting for this to be confirmed. Sound and picture has now been interrupted. Hope it is restored soon. Now restored - also visit http://www.liverpoolfc.tv/news/drilldown/N164030090415-1421.htm
  10. agreed. There are plenty of people about with cameras who are bound to have good shots, who will then come forward.
  11. This was reported to have happened a lot during the miners strike. If the police had any integrity left, they would name, shame, and then get rid of them who removed ID numbers.
  12. Excuse me, but aren't the police public servants? Why is it down to anyone other than the police themselves to identify him? He's acted shamefully, why haven't the police identified him? They do know who work for them, don't they? Why hasn't he come forward himself? I followed your link to the Guardian report on other dispicable acts of the police that day. Why aren't our proud custodians of democracy (MPs ) coming forward to denounce such acts? Thank heavens for the press and others who have recorded events. At least some people can still be relied upon as our democracy dwindles.
  13. For most of us, controlling the brain would mean controlling speech, so they could save on the monitoring.
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