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  1. Greavsy

    I had a job interview today..

    You don't have to sign out of anywhere. If they ring up simply say ''I've found myself a job. Thanks for nothing and goodbye''. He did say he could get ''in work support'' to ring me and I kindly told him where to shove it. That's all I did and they never bothered me after that.
  2. Greavsy

    I had a job interview today..

    Whatever you do make sure when A4E call you asking you to sign some forms that you don't! Because they will act as though they got you the job and they get paid for getting it you. Good luck and ignore the Dimbat!
  3. I have had both of mine done at Feel The Steel and I can't praise them enough. They are great!
  4. Greavsy

    How far did I walk?

    If you have an iPhone like your name suggests then download Runkeeper. It tracks your walk using GPS and tells you how many calories you have burnt as well. Or you could draw it out on google maps and it tells you how many miles.
  5. Ahhh Epcot . I remember a couple of years ago I picked up a goat and a dragon puppet up in the China area and started making them dance, I had groups of people in a circle watching me! I'd never even used a puppet before. I have never been so embarrassed. I had to buy them! Can't wait to go back next year. I hate going to theme parks in England as none of them match up to America. They are a complete let down! We went to Thorpe Park last year and I didn't really enjoy it because half of the rides were closed. We did receive free tickets to go back but when you have drove that far it's pretty crap to go on a couple of rides! I haven't been to Alton Towers for a few years now....thinking of going in a few weeks.
  6. Greavsy


    That is where you are wrong. I worked for a training provider and we had apprentices in their 20's and 30's. We even had one woman learning with us who was 72! http://www.apprenticeships.org.uk/Be-An-Apprentice/The-Basics.aspx I hope this will help you.
  7. Greavsy

    Everything you have eaten today

    Today Breakfast/dinner 2 slices of jam on toast and half a bar of Galaxy Cookie Crumble. Tea: Handmade Burger Company or something in Centertainment.
  8. Not sure of the times but we went the other week and it was still open at 7pm.
  9. Greavsy

    The Flaming Dragon, Centertainment

    That is exactly what we do. It's just more convenient to get something to eat there and go straight to the cinema. And that is the reason why they can charge so much - it's convenience food. It isn't the greatest but I wouldn't say it's terribly poor.
  10. By looking at your posts I can't help but think you are from a rival restaurant. Maybe I'm wrong.
  11. Greavsy

    The Flaming Dragon, Centertainment

    I enjoyed it the first time I went but the second time wasn't so good. I do love chinese food though and that's what makes me want to go back. We have got 2 for 1 vouchers for the Handmade Burger Co so might try there .
  12. Greavsy

    The Flaming Dragon, Centertainment

    I was thinking about going tonight. I've not been since last year but it's got so many mixed reviews. I think I might go to the Handmade Burger Company instead. Anyone been here?
  13. I don't think it's right to say every parent needs something. That is actually quite offensive to a lot of parents who have brought their children up well while working all hours god sends to make sure their children have the best in life. I know I would be offended if they told my mum and dad they had to go on a mandatory course for parenting skills. They have done well in bringing 3 children up, all with an excellent education and great jobs. So that's one reason why not all parents should be made to do it. You will see that the problem lies mainly with the jobless scum breeding more and more children for money. They don't really care about the child's welfare. They just throw it out on the streets at 4 years old and it brings itself up and ends up in the wrong crowd of people. And then the cycle continues when that child gets to 16 years old.
  14. You'd be lucky seen as they will be no longer available as of next year. I think it's quite ridiculous saying that parents should go on a course on how to bring their child up! What about the ones that work 60 hours a week to feed and clothe their children? There doesn't need to be a parenting programme at all! The problem is that scum is breeding scum. No amount of parenting courses will change that. Do you think they will put the time in? And what will the government do to enforce it? I think you should think things through .
  15. Greavsy

    Vets 4 pets- prices?

    We got a leaflet through the door for the new one opened at Birley. £10 vaccinations until October(if I remember correctly).

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