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  1. I can't help directly, but there's a Facebook group called "Avery Weigh-Tronix Friends" with a lot of ex-Avery staff who are very knowledgeable about such things. In the end I found out from there that the model number of mine (pictured above yours) is 1103ccc. So you could always try there
  2. Hi, My first post here. Just picked up this impressive Avery postal scale, painted in battleship grey (which is appropriate as it weighs nearly as much as one. Took two of us to carry it upstairs...) It doesn't appear to have a model number anywhere obvious and I'm not sure how old it is. I did a bit of research online to see if I could put a date to the specific parcel prices shown on the scale (48p - £1.42) and they seem to match the UK prices that were in place around 1975. But the values on the scale would have to change every time the prices increased (presumably replacement inserts would be sent out accordingly) so I suspect 1975 is more likely to represent when it was taken out of service rather than when it was actually made. Unfortunately it isn't working currently; the pointer shows the max 10kg and the platform seems to be stuck in the bottom position as far as I can tell. Not sure how to go about fixing it, or even how to start taking it apart to be honest. Any of the experts here have any suggestions? I'd love to get it working, especially as I send a lot of parcels via eBay and it would be great if it could go back to doing what it was designed for. Also it's missing a foot, which is why one end is propped up with books currently. Any idea where I might get a replacement from? I've seen different Avery scales online with similar looking feet, but that's not to say they'd be the correct fit.
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