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  1. Im looking for a room/flat/bedsit that accepts dss willing to consider most areas
  2. Hi im wondering if anyone can help me im looking for a room to rent but really struggling at min as i am on dss willing to consider most areas pref S5 really genuine and down to earth can anyone help
  3. Hi im wondering if anyone can help me im looking for a room or a flat or house maybe but really struggling through to been on sick im in reciept of housing benefit and finding it difficult to find anywhere really upsets me and frustrates me.Been on benefits was not through choice i was working full time long hours as a dedicated care assistant but just over a year ago my world was turned upside down i was diagonosed with severe aggressive stage 3 breast cancer.This made me really ill so my job had to end i was devastated im reaching out to see if anyone can shine any light if anyone knows any private landords or landladys or anyone with a room to rent.Rent would be paid direct to landlord/landlady so no issues there.Im very genuine and just want to live a nice settled life.Willing to consider any area and wanting to move asap id be very grateful if anyone could help me thank you.
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