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  1. Is Sheffield forum left wing biased I have my opinion what's yours
  2. Should Sheffield council commit to building new homes for every family that settles here and build the 20k backlog before allowing any additional people to settle under the city of sanctuary guidelines. Not much of a sanctuary if we don't have the homes to house them
  3. I think you will find voters are waking up just look at the election results of the last 10 years labour lies ain't been listened to they even tried to butter people up with free internet nobody is interested labour are doomed
  4. No 1 listen to the majority no 2 respect democracy No 3 don't go woke we don't want to end up broke That was when labour were really for the working class before they decided to mass import voters to stay in power look at London and other labour cities but it seems even those people can see through the labour lies
  5. I was just wondering we all know Sheffield is way behind Leeds Manchester Birmingham and other big cities in the UK. So I'm just wondering how much money it has cost Sheffield being a city of sanctuary and how would Sheffield have progressed had that money been spent on services and local neglected areas in need of regeneration be it housing parks mental health services transport that matter to people who have lived here for generations and paid ther taxes hopping things would improve by the way I don't do punctuality because I know it winds the snowflake up
  6. Why not if they pay for it they should have a choice how its spent we waste to much money on snowflakes and woke politics
  7. So if your not a fan why listen #cancelculture nothing better to do
  8. I guarantee that if the council gave tax payers a vote on this the decision the council made would be in the minority. This event regardless of snowflakes opinions would have been sold out and ideal to bring in much needed revenue to the business in the city centre sheff council always manages to shoot themselves in the foot problem is its always at Sheffield tax payers expense but 3 weeks after it's ok for Alan Carr to feature council are backwards and full of snowflakes that don't represent the majority of people in Sheffield. I'm surprised they haven't realised this after the last 5 general and local elections
  9. Why don't the council have referendums each year so tax payers can decide what our tax gets paid on instead of snowflakes making decisions on our behalf The council could even take a look at American how they use caravan parks as cheap alternatives to people who are struggling cheap rents giving people the opportunity to save for mortgages but they don't care it's all been about students and offices the Last 10 15 years Sheffield council are only interested in brown envelopes and back handlers to get anything done just look at that guy who was in charge of planning #corupt
  10. Just a thought why don't the council and government allow people to purchase land at a reduced rate and fund or build their own homes. Or give out subsidized loans to purchase land Rather than allow the greedy developers to build them for peanuts and take advantage of honest working people who just are just trying to better themselves. The more cash people save buying a house and being able to pay of a mortgage quicker will benefit the economy as they will have more cash to spend on services and shops I wonder if the person In charge of the council and there minions had investments in property when the decision to pull down all the flats on Norfolk park and housing on manor shire green and the cross was made. Now all we have In Sheffield is a waiting list of 20 years if your looky unless you are unfortunate enough to end up on priority after paying council tax for donkey years while this city has an open door policy and bumps any Tom dick or harry that decides to throw away their identification and jump to the top of the gravy train for free then get all their furnishings and white goods free from Sheffield council all paid for by the hard working tax payers of Sheffield. I wonder if the council would ever reveal how much is spent each year on new arrivals and gravy train riders all under the cover of social services on the tax returns I used to think social services payments were for children until I found out the bigger picture
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