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  1. It wasn't supposed to lol I have an idea ear why don't we choose 10 people who are independent to read messages and replies and they can decide
  2. Anybody have any opinions on who the new James Bond actor should be by read an article suggesting that the actor who played Lucifer should get the role he's an ex highstorrs student I think he would smash it to be honest Sheff lads do it best in my opinion
  3. Bang on niki regarding the meaning of smh but as far as making out it's just about engines running that is correct but you can't defend the council because they haven't put anything in place for ice cream vans to connect to the mains where they are running their business and we all know that this is just a knock on effect because they the labour council from before the last election had a disagreement with a certain ice cream vendor outside Botanical Gardens and and the paved area outside the coffee shop at the Peace Gardens so because they couldn't win the argument they are making out out this decision is in regard to omissions and the Green Party councillors will back them because they are making out this is because of the missions when the original disagreement had nothing to do do with with emissions What when our business friendly labour Council previously stopped Sheffield Star from selling newspapers from kiosks that produced no fumes or problems they just don't know the best way to stop people from earning a living but cutting off income from tights nothing like shooting our city in the foot what's it's ok to waste taxpayers money while costs are rising and Sheffield is being left further and further behind
  4. Hurt words touch box set I'm surprised you know how to use a DVD player of maybe it's your age and your still struggling to figure put 5he vcr
  5. Could coincide that councillors from the old labour run council were in disagreement with ice van owner now they want to ban ice cream Van's smh nothing like taking away the living of the working class so labour don't loose face Cants London accent
  6. Anyone heard of Matisyahu Heard of him or listen to his music I think hes good
  7. Like I said the previous owners and mods were how can I put it the amount of blanket bans and direction was erm can think of the word but the new owners have got of to a good start with the direction and ideas I'm just waiting for the old guard to start with the accusations tbf I'm sure they will pop up sooner or later No I just do it because I know it winds up the left gotcha!.....
  8. Its amazing how anything you post on here pointing out the bad points of labour or far left people always descends into accusations of racism and discrimination I wonder how many things could have been sorted out over the last 20 years if the left had got into discussions Instead of automatically trying to shut people down with accusations this is the exact reason why I posted this poll and the answer is plain to see reading the comments keep digging that hole No but I'm a fan of Joe Joyce never even heard of a James and I don't want to to be fair keep digging 🤦‍♂️
  9. Big wow I met the next king of England but I still treated him just like everyone else I judge people regardless of their background but I can spot a person who uses race politics to further their goals and attempts to shut people down with race and discrimination accusations but the sad truth is those are the same people who have held back and are causing race relations to deteriorate give yourself a pat on the back well done you passed the small minded test with an A⭐👍
  10. Right wing rant well your not very good at distinguishing character from messages my stepdad is Pakistani Muslim and my best friends French Guyanan #fail
  11. Depending on if the mods and majority of posters are biased I know it was a rat race before the new owners took over with blanket bans for anyone who dared try and debate the left narrative or the EU referendum to the point of people being banned for saying lib dumb or Ramona Ramona things are better now but I still see the left remnants discrimination of right views or the result of the referendum still accusing people of being racist I believe this will die off with old age as the younger generation are voting differently shown by EU results and GE results and local results. Give it ten years this forum may be in the centre with equal debate from both sides instead of the left using the cover of debate to bully anyone with a different view see it all too often on this forum but when the last of a generation die off they tend to fight harder rather than admit defeat or admit times have changed like donkeys to a knackers yard or cars to a scrap yard they all tend to have a breakdown on the way
  12. Mind the gap were all blades ain't we Sheffield is red&white
  13. And as its 53 to 30 that's says it is left wing biased Bless school yard tack ticks ima gonna bring my moma You bully I'm gonna block you aswell
  14. Your clearly uneducated can you not see the no and 50/50 options I think I'm going to block you I don't like being distracted by uneducated people
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