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  1. My mother had died and we had to go first go to Rotherham to get the death certificate we could not get it because the Don had flooded the building where it was at the side of the bus station,. Then went to the S&e and aa we came down Granville Rdd the man hole covers were being blown off. Went onto town and headed towards West Street and could not understand why the traffic was backing up as we headed towards Brook Hill. We eventually headed back and out throunBramall lanr and over Gleedless.
  2. I went out with Fred and Roses daughter for a while Fred took me to the club one lunchtime and said go into the concert room. I will bring your membership card in. The stripper was just starting you had never seen anything like it. She tried to get one of the audience what few were in to unclipped her bra because she struggled that was a job and a half. It eventually got done. She continued and as she took her skirt off she tripped up over it.. Fred came in and said did youbenjoy it. I said it was a laugh,he went away looking puzzled. Sorry to here that is son had died. Would like to get back in touch with Susan.
  3. My great auntie and uncle lived ar firvale near the traffic lights over the butchers shop George and Edith Timmins
  4. The last I heard was he lived in Jordenthorpe
  5. Last seen at Wendy funeral information on older sister Susan
  6. Companion for mobility disabled ma would prefer a lady in the Aston,Aughton or Swallownest area who can help to while away the boredom of being lonely.. pm me
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