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  1. Has anyone got the fine and then not paid or appealed against it? Every October we go on holiday as a large family, from different areas of the uk. Its never been a problem and therefore the holiday was booked. On hearsay in the playground I then realise that our school holidays are different to the rest of the family - having searched my school website, still couldnt find the official dates of the half term, rang school in a panic and was told not to worry as my son had 100% attendance and it was just came into force, plus our school is an academy! Then in comes the fine 4 months later! Does the school have a right to inform us parents when its school holidays are and within sufficient time? We still havent been told (from School) when Feb half term is and likewise Im now aware of it being different to other areas of the uk. This is only been taught since finding out about last october and also that I have access to the internet, what if you dont have internet access!
  2. I have only ever had a Desktop and was happy with that. When I visit my parents I would back up what i wanted onto a usb hard drive. Ive now bought a laptop and I think i have set up a home network but have a few questions. If i want to access a file away from home, its best saving it in Skydrive, is this correct? I have lots of files currently in different places and can never really tell which is the upto date one, Can merge them all into and ask it to save the current or upto date file? I then want to do a backup of said files, I have a 2tb usb drive, which currently I throw across any files i think i might need - Can I set it up to back up every night while im asleep? I have my emails coming in on outlook on the laptop and trying to do a bit of file management, whats the best way to view these then from the desktop? I want to use a diary, which can be viewed from Desktop, laptop and my samsung phone! I cant seem to get anything to sync, any help on the nest to use! Im with btinternet if this is any difference Thank you in advance! ---------- Post added 30-01-2014 at 11:34 ---------- Thanks for the huge amount of help!
  3. 3 do something called mifi with is mobile wi fi
  4. National holidays are doing a trip, includes park tickets etc
  5. Our cat flap is the infrared one but if we lock it all directions say to keep own cat in for vet check, he just rams it and gets out. Cats are clever and they will push force the catches and locks through. Not what you want to hear but it's hard to find a solution. If you do find one, I'd like to know too.
  6. There is a Facebook page of upset parents! Mainly as the tech school as no lockers and when all the snow kids was getting sent home for not wearing correct shoes! Ie they wore willies or boots! Plus no where to change or store items. Also mixed gender toilets.
  7. We have a new Xbox connected to the TV via hdmi. When we play games online the sound is awful as we get feedback, assuming the kinet is picking up TV etc. I'm also looking at gaming chairs for my son, to be able to have in the front room to play his games. So the questions are the best set up. The TV is more than likely not to have audio out, I'm not sure if and where the headphone jack is and also it's very difficult to get behind it. (Can not do this each time he wants to play) So can the chair connect to the Xbox directly? Can headphones then connect to the chair for when he wants to chat? Are we best with the communicator or double headphones, but again the connecting is what's putting off with these too. Please help and also recommendation for chair / headphones.
  8. If anyone has any young boys that want to add my son who is aged 5, please pm me the gamertag. Ps I do see everything he does online! He likes kinet sports and FIFA (not sure if this goes online)
  9. I know S5 and S10 are not going out, I would assume all is off today!
  10. It's a bit big to take in the car for watching movies and taking to the caravan with us. (Plus no electric in 1 of the vans).
  11. Do Handwriting skills Watch a movie Learn to read Phonics Draw and colouring Help with speech Eye and hand control video call family who are miles away
  12. Well i went for the Samsung afterall. It felt alot better buying a tablet at £200 and not £399 for the ipad! Thank you who ever mentioned John Lewis as thats where we bought from so have a 2 year warrenty and accidental is covered if needed. So far he has video called his grandad who is not local and is now playing on google maps. He wont be having a facebook account and things like allowing him say 1gb wont really help as some movies can be upto 4gb for 1 movie. These are ideal for the car journeys we have to make to my parents. This was another reason I went for the Samsung as now he has 48GB of memory on there! Mentioning lego, he has downloaded the lego building instructions onto the tablet and he got alot of lego for Xmas too!
  13. Our world is all tech minded these days. Even fisher price has made a cover for the Ipad for as young as babies to use! Santa brought my lad his tablet for Xmas and it wasn't opened out of the box till boxing day, when we find it broken in the box and have been refunded. Hence why i want a better one that Will stand to a child using it as clearly the Archos wasn't. He uses my Ipad and has been doing for years, but having his own just means he isn't filling the memory on mine with peppa pig and the likes. Alot of children have got video consoles for Xmas which may cost the same amount of money. Previously mentioned that he had leappad which is so expensive to add to. I also have insurance for accidental damage incase we need it. I ask for opinions on which is the better tablet and ease of use. Not for opinions if my child should have one or not. There is only me and my husband that can decide that! I nearly left his age out knowing id get this response, but the cheaper makes are so flimsy and not responsive that I knew the cheaper end of the market wouldn't be suitable. I need to decide soon enough as he asks why Santa brought him a broken gift (3rd item faulty from Xmas day) and hasn't fixed it yet.
  14. Our summer is spent in a touring caravan with no tv or electric and therefore gets lots of out door time, but equally a tablet is used for watching a movie. Plus summer outside too! Also having bought a leappad, which is a child's tablet, apps are £7.50 to £25 each, whereas a tablet a lot can be free or very little. There is a lots of educational apps for kids. I've added up the games and apps bought on his leappad, which comes to well over £400, which he is selling to fund his ipad. He has plenty of imagination toys to play! It's not like the only toy he has would be his ipad / tablet.
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