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  1. Actually I have no children....I take the potion at the speaking end.
  2. I don't care whether she retires or not I've no interest in the Royal family, they are of no use to me or the nation. It's funny how people complain about those with diffic ulties/disabilities claiming tax payers' money in benefits, yet these 'Royals' get a much higher chunk of.tax payer money and no one seems to complain. Why should our taxes go towards redecorating their homes? I bet they've never done a 12 hour laborious shift and gone home with blistered feet and so tired they fall asleep before they can even eat their dinner.
  3. All of these eco-warriors are hypocrites. My neighbours used to rdcycle, have those phippy net shopping bags but drove everywhere. Meanwhile, I choose not to drive (mainly because it's a pain in the bum finding parking spaces, avoiding drink, MOT etc), yet I don't make a song and dance and I'm probably the most dco-friendly person in my neighbourhood.
  4. Being a dame means nothing these days, they hand damehoods out like Metro newspapers.
  5. Won't they get a high state pension anyway as their NI contributions will be high?
  6. Don't even bring that in to it. I am well aware of 1984 and agenda 21, the new world order and the "coronavirus" scam. I have protested against these ridiculous restrictions and am un-vaccinated, un-masked and un-afraid. Just because I am woke when it comes to trans-gender, please don't assume I am a blind sheep following the New World Order.
  7. I know of several transwomen who are subjected to abuse, one example is a transwoman who had threats to have her windows smashed in. I can't give a percentage, as I don't work for the Office Of National Statistics, but it is a considerably large amount of transwomen.
  8. Yes, I am but I haven't disclosed where to for privacy reasons. I will still be on this forum.
  9. Really? You don't know? Why are you giving me "him" pronouns? I haven't specified my gender identity on this forum. Who said I'm moving to London?
  10. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Response From Travel South Yorkshire™ Regarding My Complaint
  11. The fact that trans women are subject to abuse on a daily basis, even physical violence proves why such a 'tiny' percentage of the population needs attention. This behaviour needs calling out. Have you ever heard of a CIS woman being attacked for being CIS? Absolutely, that's why I love London, people can be who they are/who they want to be without fear of bigoted abuse. Daddy has no proof that what happened didn't happen, so I wouldn't believe them. They are just uncomfortable with trans rights being discussed so are sticking their fingers in their ears.
  12. You keep saying this but what do you actually mean?
  13. And what if I were to say you are a pillock?
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