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  1. Do they not? I have been for a walk around Arbourthorne and I don't live there, plus hundreds flock to Norfolk Park every September for the Fair.
  2. People visit other small villages & towns such as Castleton, Wentworth and Hathersage from all over. don't see why not Killamarsh..
  3. What about tourism to Killamarsh? No pubs means no toilet & food and drink facilities which means no visitors which means no one spending money in local shops and bringing prosperity to the area. Pubs are usually on a large plot of land with space either side of the building, so it's not like it's attached to a residential house and keeping the neighbours awake. Killamarsh being located close to Rother Valley and Crystal Peaks could do well for tourism if only there were facilities and amenities.
  4. Homosexual is a more respectful term. I think the city centre bus should link the railway station. Surely with the massive forecourt they could find space for a bus stop. That would be advantageous over walking to the bus station or further, especially with suitcases etc.
  5. They can be issued for disabilities such as amputations (I've seen many of the 'street people' with missing limbs), alcoholism, epilepsy & fibromyalgia.
  6. The only thing to worry about in Wyming Brook is being charged at by the cows or falling off the narrow pavement in to the path of a vehicle.
  7. Perhaps you could enlighten us all as to what you meant by "crips".
  8. Good try at what? Did you or did you not refer to people as crips?
  9. I would never refer to someone as a "cripple". I think it's disrespectful, you may be comfortable using language like that but most people don't use that terminology any more.
  10. It's a rough area, lots of gangs etc be careful. Especially around Westfield, Halfway, Sothall. A really uneasy feeling around there.
  11. Unfortunately, the Westminster Estate in Lodge Moor is now over run with druggies and there was even someone with an axe on the local spider park a few weeks ago. I feel sorry for those on the Worcester Estate having to live opposite that. The council seem to be relocating all of the riff raff to Lodge Moor.
  12. Golly Crap Towns book was 2005/2006? I remember asking my parents to buy it me as I was a pre-teen who thought a book with swearing in the title was cool. Sheffield has changed significantly since then, and not for the better.
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