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  1. Hi All, Anyone know whether there is a stone with a sword shape carved into it on Wadsly/Loxley Common? If so ... where is it?
  2. Hi all Looking for recommendations for a good gluten and dairy free restaurant or pub in Sheffield to celebrate a 50th b'day with family... anything out there?,
  3. Hi All, I'm looking for a community choir in or near Hillsborough ... I've no experience other than in the greenhouse/car. Are there any out there?
  4. Good sessions tonight. Sensei Bob and Sensei Mehmet put us through our paces .... some good strong sparring practice and some traditional stuff too. Get yourselves along. http://www.karatesheffield.org.uk/
  5. Sheffield Yoga Center on Burgoyne Road S6 ... would really recommend it!!!
  6. I've been to this a couple of times ... good sessions. Well worth a visit.
  7. Ditto .... I rarely have a problem .... couple of finger wagging moments but thats it ....
  8. The whole of the stretch up past Wadsley Bridge WMC was a small river this morning. I hope, after all the work/money put into the new road surface/system they will start to clear the drain holes more regularly!!!
  9. Done Hopefully see you there soon .... I'm looking forward to getting back into it ....
  10. Would be good to register ... how do you do it?
  11. Are you taking back olde members who haven't trained for a year or so too? Hopefully see you soon ..... ps The new website looks good!
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