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  1. So do you? Do you get as much of the flesh out as you can before you carve them and use it in a number of fab recipes or, do you just carve them for the night and chuck them away? I hate to see waste and prefer to cook mine in a number of ways - Pumpkin Pie, Cake, Soup, Tea Bread etc. Do you think it's obscene the amount of Pumpkins that wil be wasted tonight?
  2. A sad, sad loss to metal http://www.kerrang.com/blog/2010/04/pete_steele_1962_-_2010.html RIP Pete.
  3. Morning, I awoke this morning and went to my car to take my son to the child mnders, only to find that some kind moron had decided to kick off my passenger side wing mirror either last night or late yesterday. :rant: No other cars in the car park were done! I've called the Police and they will give me a reference number in case I need it for insurance, there is no CCTV. I now need to get it fixed ASAP as I use the car a lot. Any recommedations for a good but reasonable garage?? It's a Rover 25, so not hard to get spares for. Thanks.
  4. I'm doing Shepherds Pie Not had one for ages and I'm actually hungry for a change!! What are you lot having??
  5. Well people. Who needs a fag and a beer now, because that was awesome!!!
  6. So, having been a regular at WSL for the past couple of years, I have had mainly good times, until earlier this year when they got a new DJ in. I have enjoyed many a night in there listening to some proper decent rock and good old tunes, but alas it would seem that recently this was not to be the case. On the past few occasions that Jared has been DJing it has been poor at best, it would seem that his catologue is severley limited and he has no interest in expanding it. I saw the other DJ in there tonight (Muzz) and asked him why he wasn't DJing and to sort out some good tunage. I appreciate people need a night off from time to time. But seriously Jared you were pants, you can get almost anything on ITunes playing the standard Rock cheese just because people are drunk is not the way to go. As I said, I have been a regualr in there for a couple of years, sort it out or you will start haemorraging customers.
  7. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/8360095.stm?ls What an idiot, he should have just left the phone on the floor. What a waste of a beautiful car - I'll have it
  8. Not for the faint hearted. Who's going apart from me and Mojo1??? I can forsee it being an excellent gig!
  9. I'm drinking Wine, lots of Wine. Why? A - Because I can. B - Other reasons How about you?
  10. When I lived on S5, the general state of play on Bonfire night was gangs trying to set fire to each other and anyone that went past. On the upside, some of the local pubs usually have a Bonfire.
  11. They're idiots that need a slap. Or, alternately someone to throw a big chuff off dart at them.
  12. Correct, but untamed has been on rants around the forum all day. They have clear issues with this. You can also have a in return for the one that you so kindly gave me.
  13. Because you can't do chuff on a a public footbath unless you get a restraining order.
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