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  1. its odd to reply to your own problem with the solution but I have it.... at least I think so... Sure sever support came back to me and as a result I went to the apps on board and took off everything that looked like antivirus so I removed CC cleaner - even though the problem predated me installing it and using it also Avast which came with CC cleaner and therefore post dated the problem but I also removed 'Bit defender' which I had not installed ? computer shop the upshot is that the problem has cleared!!!! I can log on normally and send attachments wow what a relief! have fun everyone Wollix
  2. I use an email system hosted by sure server off my website the website is www.etrr.co.uk and I add /webmail where I put in my email address and my password I have used this for a number of years now without problems my son runs the website for me and I have links with an excellent local computer shop both of whom are baffled by this as is sureserver - can anyone help please? I have just purchased a 7th generation dell lattitude the computer shop have cleaned it right out and reinstalled from the start added my data and installed the latest Chrome Edge is already on it and I have added Mozilla Firefox this morning it doesnt matter what browser you use - the above log on details simply dont work - the page just returns empty back to you by some clever means the shop has managed to put a shortcut on so I can go in that way on Chrome - they have only done it on Chrome but if I am then in the system will not allow me to attach a file, it goes to make the attachment perfectly normally and then returns a blank on the attachment I have cleared all cookies and caches, I have used CC cleaner - and am completely stuck the wierd thing is this and partly why sure support cant help - any other computer - my wifes. ones in the shop - everything works normally! as far as we can see, everything else on this computer is working normally - for instance I can log into gmail and send an email with an attachment or browse or do anything else so It MUST be something in the basic set up of this computer, but why is that 'thing' only affecting one email system? total frustration here and I need to travel next week with only this computer with me so in a bit of a panic... can some bright spark work out what is going on please? windows 10 and nothing fancy on the machine - no games etc thanks Wollix
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