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  1. Thanks for your responses both, it did seem like a lovely area, we went to Cafe No. 9 which was really nice. I think a walk around the area closer to Abbeydale Rd would be a good idea as the primary school my little ones would attend would be just off AD Road (Nether Edge Primary). The posts that really scared me were in this thread - But it is from over 10 years ago so maybe things have changed...?
  2. Hi all, First post in the Forum but doing my house hunting in the last couple of months it has been an invaluable resource!! We're a family with young children relocating to Sheffield and are looking at a house on Adelaide Road, Nether Edge (near Brincliffe Edge Woods). On viewing the house we thought the surrounding area seemed really nice, very leafy with some beautiful old houses etc, but having done some research on the forum it sounds like people's opinions of Nether Edge as an area on the whole aren't that great. When we drove back into town along Abbeydale Rd we did notice that the feeling of the area quickly became more urban and less leafy suburb so I suppose my question is... Should I worry about living in this part of Nether Edge? Is it as nice as the old houses and tree lined streets make it appear? Thanks for any input! Jamie
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