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  1. Thanks you. Bungleboy69 Starting to look into the area you mentioned. It's so good to know that the areas suitable for my family are considerably close to each other.
  2. Thank you. After a little bit dig on the house searching with your suggestions, I realised 300k is not enough to buy a semi-detached house atm or if the price continues to boom. I might to choose to rent around southwest areas of Sheffield for some months or a year to looking for the property. Hopefully I will have more choices on areas I like to settle. Thanks again for all the helps.
  3. Looks like the greystones is a pretty positive area. Need to look the school catchment link to have the idea on school-choosing. Thanks for all kinds of replies.
  4. Thanks for your kind reply. I've had a roughly picture what living in Sheffield going to be like, walking in peak district, big parks, hilly city, football matches lots activities as a big citie could give and and an Ikea. My concern is about the secondary school, as couldn't afford the more expensive areas. If an area fits our budget is in the schools' catchment area, we would love to think about that.
  5. Hello folks. New here. Really need some advices on the area to choose. Due to the job relocation from Maidstone Kent, Sheffield is the ideal place to live. Boys are 5 and 3 years of age. Greystones seems tick every box, 3 bed rooms property with driveway. Fits the 300k budget or little bit more. Good state schools. My concerns are What streets in Greystones should I avoid as prefer a quiet neighborhood? As a Chinese family of four, is there any better area in Sheffield that offers same or better choices ? What is the catchment radius normally to get a place for those very good secondary schools, like Silverdale, Tapton, etc. The relocation will be in about 4 or 5 months. Could rent for a few months, in case if any delay on house purchase. Thanks in advance.
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