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  1. Thank you to all .💯 Kindness is free spread it where u can !
  2. You made the comment to me 1st why did i feel need to say people drove by that's my choice ! You did gas light text book start off nice then a sly comment when you could have kept your comment to your self . You wasn't there u didn't see how awful people where to this gent and how distressed he was you have no idea at all why i stated what i did I've spent all week up set with how this man was treated and spent all week trying to find put if he was okay i spent over an hour calming the gent down untill an ambulance came why its okay to drive by some one on the middle of white lane busy 8am traffic is beyond me ! This man needed kindness not called all sorts of names .
  3. Yea 5 cars almost hit him and called him all sorts of awful names for him just trying to get help of them . They pre judged him instantly !
  4. Because they herald abuse at a venerable man and pre judged him they would rather almost hit him in the middle of a busy road than help him !!! Don't gas light me your comment was unnecessary .
  5. Hi it was me and a friend who helped your dad while others drove past him it was a pleasure to meet him and help him i hope he's doing well x
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