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  1. Yes we are favourites but Southgate needs to shuffle some players he's got loads of good young talent and he's not using it tonight he come unstuck.
  2. Rashford may score at times and Sancho also but Rashfords penalty was lazy and he's hardly played Sancho's penalty lazy yet again the very young Saka who I think as played brilliant every time he's played wasn't a lazy penalty at all it was a good save by Donnarama.not going to keep going on about it but Southgate got some things wrong SAKA ON.GREALISH ON CALVERT LEWIN ON LINGARD SHOULD HAVE BEEN IN THE TEAM , HENDERSON OUT ,RAHEEM DIDNT TURN UP , RASHFORD AND SANCHO SHOULD NOT HAVE BEEN BROUGHT ON FOR A PENALTY WHEN NO MINUTES ON THE PITCH.
  3. SAKA to start yes don't know if Gareth will learn from this think he only clearly listens to himself.lije I said some wrong choices
  4. Well maybe given the chance he may have done if you listened to Gareth's interview Longcol you would have heard him say he decided who took penalty's and in what order.And I don't think Grealish is a showpony it's proven he's changed games so on that one your wrong.Break away from the sheep Longcol and be honest Gareth made some bad choices
  5. So yes England played well but did Gareth Southgate get it wrong.In my eyes Grealish should have been on from the start,Luke Shaw was man of the match for me along with Pickford.So back to Southgates choices.Why take off RICE?????Why not play GREALISH from the start????Why not play CALVERT LEWIN????And why the hell would you put Rashford and Sancho on with a minute to play when they've hardly played all tournament???And lastly Please Everyone DO NOT BLAME SAKA who may I say as played fantastic, for something that Gareth could have avoided had he put out a team that could have won ITALY in normal time.Your previous choices may have got you to the final Gareth but I think you underestimated the Italians,and if you chose wiser it could have been a very different outcome.???
  6. There's no doubt he's looked after himself that's not what I was saying.My point is he's not a team player he waits in the goal area majority of the time waiting for the ball to come to him.Yes he does a bit of running up and down but nine times out of ten you can find him near the goal area.No disputing the fact at 36 he's still playing where many wouldn't be but it's his attitude I mean throwing the captain's armband on the floor and kicking it away is disrespectful.Hes a very sore loser and as anyone else noticed that at times when any of his other teammates score whether it be for his club or country he very rarely goes and congratulates them.To me that's not what a team player does. Quite right you are Box 11.At least there's someone out there that sees what's really going on with him.Yes he's 36 yes he looks after himself but that doesn't make you a nice person or a team player.
  7. So a burning question.Is Cristiano Ronaldo really one of the best footballers of all time.? From what I've seen of the euros the answer to that is NO!!!Why do I say this...well in my opinion they only scraped through to knockouts because if it wasn't for France handing them those penalty's and Germany getting lucky then they wouldn't have even got to the knockouts.All Ronaldo does is Bogline he doesn't work as hard as the rest of the players he might as well get a recliner put it in the vicinity of the goal,pop his Moët and wait for the ball to come to him so he can attempt to score and take the glory from the others who have put in all the work.Also I'm sick of the commentators only mentioning him there's 10 other team players on that pitch who must be sick of the fact they don't get the praise they deserve.In my eyes if it wasn't for Ronaldo being a selfish and arrogant player and he became more of a team player who put in as much work as the others then Portugal would have stood a chance of getting through.So Ronaldo if your listening...You are not God...You do have teammates...To win is a joint effort...There is other parts of the pitch that you can run on,not just where the goal is...And if you paid more attention to the game rather than watching yourself on the screen then you never know !!!!!
  8. Look Waldo I'm not scared to offend as if someone is offended by the truth then that's their problem.At the end of the day Laurel was born a male and will always be a male regardless of surgery etc and it's unfair to compete in women's athletics because of this.Laurel as chosen this path but my point was Castor Semenya didn't.She didn't choose to be born with a genetic defect but lived her life as a woman which is what she was born albeit with raised testosterone which if you tested the entire female population there would be many others.Castor Semenya as been treated appallingly and hung out to dry by the athletics federation who basically said either take suppresents or you cant race anymore.Why when she is a woman should she bow to this pressure when she produces high testosterone naturally not because of medication etc.
  9. Having just heard the news regarding Laurel Hubbard the transgender athlete who's been selected for the Olympics I must say how disappointed I am.Dont get me wrong I'm all for equal rights and I don't accept any discrimination of any kind but can someone tell me how this is fair.Not only will she have an unfair advantage on the other athletes but my main issue is the case of Castor Semenya the fantastic athlete who was scrutinised and her private life was made very public with regards to her genetics.Something I might add that is totally out of her control.You can't help what your born with and she had no say in it which is why I'm writing this as I feel she as been treated appallingly, especially given that Laurel Hubbard is praised for being the first transgender athlete to go to the Olympics which is great in a sense but what about Castor who was hounded and ridiculed for her looks and people said awful things about her which I find disgraceful.So if we are all getting behind Laurel then why didn't anybody get behind Castor.In my eyes she was a fantastic athlete and other athletes who had a problem with her were just jealous.So the question is Where's the fairness ?
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