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  1. Oh no!!! My dastardly plan to hoodwink you all has been thwarted by 'Mr Bloke' Actually I'm just African called Sam looking for safe place in Hillsborough. I've heard good and bad things about the area around the Sutton estate so I asked. Then I wanted to know if my color would be an issue. I didn't know being new to a forum and forgetting your password then just starting a new account was a report worthy offence. 'Mr Bloke' You need to stop being a Karen, because of you I can no longer be africanperson😜😭. Anywho I got the answers I came for and it's getting a bit too deep now people are discussing structural racism when I just wanted to know if any knuckle draggers would attack me for daring to have too much melanin
  2. That is good to know FIRETHORN1. Are there non white people/families like your friends black, chinese etc in area? Or is it majority white with a few pakistani which I know are a large minority in Sheffield. Thanks
  3. Hello all, I am an African. I need to move to Sheffield to be near work. But I have heard Sheffield is segragated. Hillsborough would be ideal , I have heard it is a 98% white or something which I do not have an issue with, it is England after all. But just want to know if there is a racist attitude in the area. I just want to get on with my life without being harrassed. Thanks
  4. What pp is the quality like of the houses around dykes lane , especially ones owned by housing associations. I know they are former council houses, and many are owned by Sutton/ clarion. Are they good quality?
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