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  1. @St Petre when you're in street view, there's a little clock symbol in the top left corner. Click on that, select the time...it goes back to about 2008 in Sheffield, and then click the magnifying glass to make it big! It's pretty amazing actually, wish it went back further.
  2. When I was a teenager I used to skateboard down Brightside Lane on the way to a pals. It's my favourite street in Sheffield, had a really spooky atmosphere in the early 2000s. I distinctly remember that one of the Forgemasters buildings on that street had a part of its side missing and that you could see somebody had painted a grinning face onto the side of a bit of machinery inside. Does anybody else remember it? It'd be amazing to track down a photo of it as I can't get it out of my head! I did the time-machine thing on Google maps, but only found this image. Unfortunately the car must've been on the wrong side of the road...I remember that you could only see it from a certain side!
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