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  1. I presume there were once boating facilities on Crooke Valley lake....? Just gather from chatting to the local fishermen down there.
  2. Hi I'm new visitor here in Sheffield and can anyone recommend Crooke Park dam for swimming? Been in a few times but local opinion seems to be divided..... One taxi driver advised never to swim in it whilst another older lady says that she swims there all year round.????? 🙄 Thanks, Lily
  3. Thank you Charlie, most helpful. We wondered why there was no parking spaces anywhere on our visit last week when it was sooooo warm and park full of young people on inflatable boats and others enjoying a dip to cool down. Is there a place for coffee anywhere or do we need to go to the nice looking pub called the dam Inn?
  4. Was there a drowning recently at Crookes Park in the city near the University? I was there with my friend a few weeks ago and people seemed nervous to go into the water.? Does anyone know anything about this? I swam but my friend would not get in the water as she said she did not feel comfortable??? There was an older lady who swam in a wet suit and was very at ease. Please let me know if you know anything. Thanks for your help. Lily
  5. My boyfriend would like to fish at crookes Park Sheffield and was wondering if you could tell me if it is possible and how much it will cost for this? Thank you. Lily
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