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  1. Does anyone have gearbox for a 15 yrs old 1.9 Suzuki SX4 .cash waiting
  2. Like my post above yours, people may be asking incase either 1..They maybe able to help locate who the police are looking for. 2 it could be that they want to remain vigilant and safe , if its in their locality It's not always just people being nosey.
  3. Driving slowly along birley Moor Road, down east glade . Is this anything for locals to be concerned about? (Yes I've rephrased this as It did look like I was just asking for the sake of it)
  4. My friend is a disabled lady but mobile. and is looking for new friends but, doesn't want to join groups here, there & everywhere. She drives and has lots of interests but likes to try new things.so if you're aged 55-65 male or female & a non smoker, give me a shout & I'll pass your messages on.
  5. Well although a good story, it hasn't answered my question lol
  6. My car is front wheel drive, which I'm told is good for snow driving. My dad used to chuck everything in his boot to weigh the car down for snow driving, back when cars were rear wheel drive. Should I put some weight in the boot, would it help?
  7. The evening at the city hall was nice show wise and the stewards amazing. My friend showed his card the stewards escorted him and me right down to the seats....that's good you might say but although they escorted us, there were no short cuts regarding how far my friend had to struggle to walk. The stewards helped him up the steps to get into the building and doing that was a struggle for him. Then they escorted us right through the main entrance half way around the building to the door down to our seats. There was a door right next to our seats why couldn't we come in that way via another way in that's nearer that having to come through the main entrance? It was very uncomfortable having to see my friend struggle as there was only my arm he could hold on to. Surely there should be more than one way into the building and another nearer to our seats without having to walk all that way.
  8. Has anyone used the nimbus access card at the City hall. We've got the tickets, they rang and asked do we need wheelchair space but we dont but, they didn't know when questioned about queuing when disabled, or was there a procedure to help those who can't stand . They just said ask a steward on the night. Which defeats the object of discretion, which is why the card exists, if you have to explain to a stranger in front of a packed foyer that you are disabled and why..
  9. Does any one know a post box number service in Sheffield who charges just by the letter. I'm only after 1 letter to be recieved . Royal mail too expensive.
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