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  1. Can anyone help I want a small bespoke steel casting of a bear I need several hundred of them, does anyone know an artist or company that can fulfill this type of order Thanks in advance
  2. Hi......give marin a call 07850687092 i know he used to do these for the universitys on the older terrace houses. does most of the work himself. He trades as Trinity Building Services.
  3. hi....might be intrested, at what standard do you play. thanks.........martin metcalfe
  4. Hi, I had the same experience and soon learn't that unless my son wanted to do it and it was something he was interested in, there was no way he would do it We went through phases such as road signs, building sites etc which were his current obsessions and changeable, I related his lessons to them So 4 plus 3 became, lets count 7 bollards or 7 exit signs The only way to get him interested was to change the lesson to his current theme, which he would be happy to do where as before wild horses wouldn't get him involved. The only way to resolve your issue, is to change it into some thing that he already has an attention span for .This is an individual problem for each child and needs approaching differently each time and please don't believe everything your told by the professionals, they don't always get it right I could go on for ever, so I will stop, I have a nursery and we have helped many children with alternative ways of learning so feel free to pm me if you think this could work and I could help bring his interests in line with a lesson for you Regards shoesandbags
  5. Hi All Can anyone suggest any residential caravan sites in Spain, where you can site your own caravan. I am thinking of shipping mine over but cannot find any sites via the usual routes of the internet etc, they just turn up sites that offer caravan holidays All help appreciated Cheers, Shoesandbags
  6. The land at the back of Fletchers off Penistone road,Claywheels lane and the continuation of woodland is also own by the Norfolk family as is the industrial land which has various companies & factories on it on claywheels lane. Loads of other sites in and around the city, but they tend not to bother collecting ground rents from individuals, just the larger companies & factories . They did own Norfolk Park but gave it to the residents of Sheffield, for recreational purposes at a time when green space was at a premium in industrial towns
  7. I am the proud owner of 2 delightful little minuture daschunds, I DO clean up after them I DO keep them on a lead. Every where we go people stop us, as they are adorable, but they are dogsnot humans. Iam a proud parent first and foremost and has everyone forgotten that open green parkland is for enjoyment of the general public, which doen't mean dogs. The LAW is clear, Dogs must be on a lead at all times, when in public. It doesn't matter if you know your dog wouldnt hurt a fly and thats a stupid statement as dogs often do hurt,and more than flys, small children are often frightened of dogs and they should be the priority full stop.
  8. As a licensees daughter ,our pub was on Penistone road in the glory days of the Owls We opened every match day and were very reliant on the trade it brought in before and after a match, we never had any trouble My mum firmly believed that trying to stop people coming in agitated further We had a reputation as an Owls pub that welcomed all
  9. There is no way you can predict this far in front Demographics of population will change several times between now and then As a general rule, children in the catchment are offered places first if children out number places, children with siblings already attending are usually allocated places first, as are children with priories such as disabilities etc After that anyone can apply and a panel decide who can have the places, by the time you are informed of the decision it is too late to apply for anywhere else as those places have gone as well It can take just one new familiy to change the whole process just a couple of weeks before allocation Hope this helps, of course it can work in reverse and free a space but that is v rare
  10. Heres an up date for around Hillsborough, Middlewood & Winn Gardens After wrapping up and venturing out we decided to have a short tour, our findings as of the last hour are; The river under the bridge at Penistone Rd B&Q is very rapid & is approx one foot from the top of the road bridge The water level at the Neepsend Bridge is around 6 - 8 inch from touching the bridge Residents at Winn have sealed themselves in, doors are sealed with plastic sheeting & sand bags. I walked the length of the Don bordering Middlewood Park and residents have been using a wall on the opposite bank to gauge the depth by counting the courses of bricks visable , which stood at 6 early but was 10 when were there, so the river appears to have dropped, but & there always is one, the river bank has completely eroded away due to the strength current for around twenty foot in one place and is now a shear drop. Niagra Weir is level with the bank and as Foxy said earlier is eroding the bank and is at least afoot wider , Watch this space ! it's not over yet, by no means
  11. Just about to don my wellies and waterproofs to go and move the new things I have just had delivered to repair the damage from last June We want to put everything upstairs in case, are we lucky or unlucky at not being back home yet ? Don't know? but I will be taking very big torch and comparing to this morning I also went to Underbank and it was looking quite angry Will let evryone know how it looks when I get back
  12. TOYS R US have offers on with everyone else but have no stock, a v nice member of staff told me there are non in the UK and this appears to be true, however, Game on Fargate get the lowdown on their daily order by 9am so if you ring by 9.30 they can tell you if any are due in that day hope this helps a little
  13. All good DIY stores stock bath panels and as they tend to be universal in size, with straight, flat bits at the end for you to trim to size, you shouldn't have a problem unless you want one in an alternate colour to white or varing shades of wood, as colours are now obsolete
  14. Most peoples concerns are relative to their own environment and experience, if genuine and personal or inflated media views imposed on vulnerable people Universally we should all be concerned about war, famine, health and finding actual solutions rather than debating possibilites for decades then doing nothing There endeth the sermon for today
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