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  1. So no benefits from voting Labour glad we got that out the way happy voting for the donkeys in the Red rosette tomorrow even though there's no benefit #smh I wonder how many seats labour will loose tomorrow if its anything like the ge get ready better buy some kleenex lol
  2. Any benefits from our labour council to Sheffield?
  3. Is there any benefit to the amey contract massively overpriced cost to tax payers shoddy workmanship councilors mouthing off on twitter over it compensation paid out bigger losses to tax payers #nobenefit They privatised it if I remember first took over and the council got a brown envelope
  4. I remember cheap bus fares but we lost those seats no benefit Fright night used to be good we lost that Free parking in town we lost that
  5. If Don't worry I'll be here for a Long time I don't need paying to point out the truth Lol
  6. I just want to know how Sheffield has benefited from our labour council I remember a local councilor once benefited by giving himself a council tax break when he was running that office
  7. We got nothing just admit it we were all taken for mugs Yes after they left us broke after the crash and brown sold the gold most people just lost jobs and houses
  8. Admit it labour haven't benefited Sheffield just added debt for our kids to pay off after we have gone like Amy contract
  9. Seems my other one was removed I wonder if it crashed because there were no benefits in having a labour council so I ask again please help me out and tell me what benefits Sheffield has received by sticking with labour
  10. 🤔 They can't answer because there are no benefits This is a good point Labour voters forget about the Blair years when blunket was in the cabinet closest we came to getting anything was a loan to forge asters that got binned off we got nothing just empty promises as per the labour usual routine
  11. Posters she haven't had any answers to the question what benefits have we gained from being run by labour?
  12. Yup So it's just party politics and I'm not bothered about Sheffield give your head a wobble I'm sure the question was what benefit has Labour Council done for Sheffield and all we seem to be getting are the problems Labour have caused
  13. So they tried to make the place look nicer but the question was what had labour done for this city? Ohh and that's worked well in Sheffield hasn't it tree fiasco Town centre down the train tax money wasted on away days and areas that act like black holes swallowing millions with no benefits to the rest of the city but yeah well keep voting them in madness
  14. Can Labour stop the rot or will their chickens come home to roost
  15. Your and you're is short for you are must be loosin a debate to focus on spellings imo
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