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  1. I know now why your handle is the Joker catch you later
  2. I think you should be looking on the other side for who's stirring up culture wars labour have relied on the race card for votes since Blair allowed uncontrolled migration and played the left and right off against each other with the race card overy 20 years ago same reason why children were getting groomed and nobody wanted to say anything because labour had made it like being accused of being a racist was worse than being called a nazi but at least it secured labour some secure seats like it's okay do what you want as long as you vote #labour Kmt
  3. Other thing is about a year ago I bet her family were on the streets shouting "defund the police " now they are probably relying on them to catch the guys for shooting her is it only me that sees the hypocrisy. I don't know about defund the police they should defund blm and give that cash to the police to stop more bkack people getting shot stabbed and killed on the streets. It's a shame young mother like that getting shot the kids ust be devoed. And all tjis after listening and getting drawn in to the left wing rhetoric pushing her against the people they are now relying on to solve this awful crime
  4. Do you think that the woke will realise the hypocrisy of this woman and realise that the far left side of labour are only interested in Stiring up racial tension to gain votes but at the end of the day the people that suffer are the ones they are using to advance their ideology disgraceful from can't count won't count #showing the #truecolors of the far left I bet you wont hear a peep from her or labour it will be like cricket's now the truth of the matter has been released and I bet it has something yo do with drugs 100%
  5. I noticed that the media were pushing the narrative that Sasha had had death threats prior to the incident that left her with a bullet in her head. Yet the police say there is nothing to suggest that it was a targeted attack and it turns out that she had been shot by 4 Black guy's after an argument whilst attending a Birthday party at a house in London. I think it's high time that the Black community had a serious discussion about black on black crime and put to bed the narrative that the police are being racist using their statistics for who is more likely to be carrying a concealed weapon. At the end of the day lives are at stake. Imo it all stinks of the Rotherham debacle where police wouldn't investigate grooming just in case they would be accused of being racist. And rather allow youngsters be abused than confront the elephant in the room. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2021/05/25/blm-activist-sasha-johnson-shot-garden-four-black-men-police/ Then you havethe gift that keeps on giving trying to stir up more racial tension . https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9615843/Diane-Abbott-accused-inflaming-racial-divides-Black-Panther-Oxford-Sasha-Johnson-tweet.html
  6. Fat man's back in Sheffield 3 pound to park for an hr then parkin warden makes him pay another for taking up a space with his table alshocking from Sheffield council hope that the change within the council sorts out the parking debacle in Sheffield #moneygrabbers without a care for the prosperity of Sheffield City centre. Anyway another ten for a sheffield establishment get in!
  7. So you support hamas a terrorist organization. That must make you a terrorist sympathiser. SAYS A LOT ABOUT YOU!
  8. True but not to the extent of today with social media
  9. 15 min Israel are only striking areas used to sling rockets they are not indiscriminately targeting incent people. Hamas know they are using these people as a human shield the people know they are being used as shields. Surprise surprise ten min before ceasefire more rocket's sent from gaza
  10. Agenda free TV on YouTube is live good watch 23 min until ceasefire
  11. Who knows if hamas stop slinging the misiles at least they will be able to get a little aid in for their human shields I'm watching it live there's about 30 minutes now untilceasefire
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