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  1. Possibly Norh Bullas may be of interest, as she looks like she comes from a Ward. Thankyou for the help.
  2. Thankyou for your help , I shall have a look. We have a few of items from Ivor Gatty as they were left to my Grandfather Thomas Ward aswell as a sum of money. We were always lead to believe that Ivor was just my Mum's Godfather as he was good friends to Thomas. It's only just recently we think that there is a relation link but are struggling to find it. My Grandmother was Phylis Lilian Ward nee Cooper and she played the piano and was a school teacher.
  3. Looking for information on the Gatty family. I am doing some family tree research and believe I am connected to the the Gatty family. My mother has the Gatty name as a middle name and Ivor Gatty was her God father. We now think he was actually a relation. I'm trying to find some information on Ivor Gatty who lived in Rustlings Road and was friendly with a Thomas Ward (my mother's Father) who we now think was also a member of the Gatty family. We know Undine married a Ward. Does anyone know anything about Ivor Gatty or Thomas Ward ?
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