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  1. Yes, bought many bags of broken biscuits from them, Christine Barnard was in my class at prince Edward
  2. Ground behind wagon & Horses on the Main road as you enter Dronfield from Meadow head
  3. Quite right, do people ever read road signs? no then they moan about getting fined
  4. I was at the Azena that night, I was one who did'nt have a ticket but got one outside for 5shillings 6pence and someone inside opened a fire door and let more in, the police were called to restore order, it was chaos inside, people stood on chairs which were stood on tables
  5. I remember it well, bikes stacked 6 deep outside and pint mugs of tea inside, some of us individual riders would sometimes tag on with some others if they were going on a run you fancied, just off topic I remember 4 of us coming back from Cleethorpes and we caught up with Doncaster rovers cycling (I think it was ) club and tagged onto the back and if I recall right there were about 100 cyclists two abreast happy days wish my legs still worked as well as those days
  6. I was on the bus to work and there was a complete corrugated garage sliding down city Road in front of the bus
  7. Wish they'd have come round when the snow was down!!
  8. Just a quick reminder that there is a reunion at the Bridge Inn Ford/Ridgeway 8.00pm tomorrow 26/1/2011 for years 1955-65 Husbands wives and girlfriends welcome
  9. I think the houses did'nt meet todays standards, I took a pic of my old house before it was demolished, I loved it when I lived there in the 40s
  10. State of some roads maybe we should drive on the pavements like cyclists
  11. Don't waste your time which is what reunions are, you have my sympathy been there myself
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