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  1. Theres a little bit of a difference between your lot and Man Utd though 🤣 Man utd can get half a billion easy from many revenue avenues while you have NONE
  2. you will always remember Chansiri the chancer cheated and didnt get away with it and we all realize you were also out of your depth this season and into League one you go ...LOL
  3. CUTTSIE ---- Just got in after longest dog walk ever ,switched on here to have a gander at the usual suspects Owls bashing... Hope you cleaned up after he did his business Talks about alice meeting Ted and then posts on another thread about taking his dog for a sh*te
  4. Lol never seen him get uptight about anything , seems he was taking the mick about wednesdays demise and owls were the ones getting uptight
  5. Met Grappler many times hes like my little bro and an uncle to my kids and a salt of the earth bloke who i have shared many beers with since we became FRIENDS ...... He came to Cuba with his wife for my wedding and the reason he said see you soon is because he will hopefully coming over to see his nephew married in October if we get covid under control. Hope that clears things up for you
  6. TBF he is a good lad having met him and his daughter although i think i did embarrass him when i jumped up to celebrate all the blackburn goals in the south stand surrounded by owls
  7. Good evening G Hows my little bro doing ? The beers will be going down a treat tonight Stay safe and love to L See you soon Seems like they can dish it and not take it pal Same as their leader Hotty , thought he was poorly but comes back to post then off again But seriously hope you are doing well hotty
  8. What would the sense in that be ? They let in an 88th minute goal today that sealed there fate I had hoped they would stay up and both sides who cheated would go down but HEY HO enjoy League one
  10. we knew we were down ages ago Today was so so for me , was hoping derby and wednesd*y would get relegated and Rotherham stay up
  11. Shouldnt have CHEATED And its BYE BYE SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY 😁 Cheaters never prosper
  12. premiership and championship DIFFERENT GRAVY Compare the 2 next season
  13. No it will be because Chancer broke the rules and you werent good enough to stay up but again you are a spozzy enough club to have results to go your way. Rotherham would have stayed up if covid hadnt decimated the team and they had to play 3 matches a week
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