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  1. I am sure I went to an orphanage there called Cherry Tree not sure i was very young.
  2. Trying to find out above I was fostered by their parents Vincent & Barbara.I know Vincent died a while ago he worked down the pits.They adopted a boy called John (i think)..They lived in Upper Albert Road.Any info would be appreciated my name is Paul.
  3. Hi Lakerman don't remember my grandparents having another house on Idsworth Road only no.4 but may have been before my time.You have a great memory as I do remember playing for British Rail.Them were the days and you were right never worked for them.Do you still work and live locally.I have been down in Southend-on-Sea Essex for 35 years working as a Night shift manager in factory for Olympus Camera's in there medical components division.Do you remember a girl called Lesley Lawton who lived on Idsworth Road she was my first girlfriend.
  4. Hi Lakerman Spot on my nickname was Carrots probably because of my ginger hair.My father Peter emigrated to Canada but he used to be on the committee at Firth Park Club.He would sit in his little box and introduce the acts.Where did you live?
  5. Thank you been left Sheffield about 40 years now but never forget my roots.Fond memories of Hucklow Road school and orchestra.Is Workingmans club still in Idsworth Road.Like to here from anyone who may remember my family especially The Cottages family who lived next door I think Sandra was there daughter but not sure.Also remember a Winston who lived on Idsworth plus a girl i think her name was Julia not sure she had blond hair and a sister i think Katy.
  6. I have recently joined this forum and remember most of the shops named.I lived at no.4 Idsworth Road my name is Paul Berry.Our house was beside Stan Caves shop.Would be nice to get in touch with anyone who remembers me.My family emigrated to Canada with .you younger brothers but I remained here.I now live in Southend-on-Sea. Essex.
  7. I think when I could not master Sugar Plum Fairy it was decided my future did not lay in the stringed section of the school orchestra. Hope your girls mastered the clarinet.Too complicated to me.
  8. Not much difference down here.You have catchment areas where they seem to live and you know immediately due to car wrecks sitting around.Sorry state of affairs.
  9. Yes I recall the pigeons and there was 3 of us brothers me,Gary & Mark who was the youngest. Gary & Mark emigrated to Canada with our parents in 1972 i stayed behind as I had just started an apprenticeship which I went on to finish.I remember Winston well we used to play football & cricket in Idsworth Road club carpark on the cinders.I now live in Southend Essex.What is it like up there now.Have not been back in 30 years. Hi Jane I remember Julie Lawton well she had blonde hair I think and she lived up the road from me.Is or was your surname Beeston?
  10. Gary was one of my younger brothers.My name is Paul Berry.
  11. I started to play the cello in the school orchestra but not for long.We lived on Idsworth Road next to Stan Cave's shop.Jane 2008 did you play a clarinet I remember a girl called Jane who played it and was very good.
  12. I was there from 1968.I remember Mr Wastage,Mr Horn and I think it was Mr Hutchinson who taught P.E. A few names i recall were David Furness,Mick Hall and twins not sure of surname but think one was called Cheryl they had a shop.
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