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  1. Thank you for your help. 23/3 and 21/1 Thomas Street 32/3 Fitzwilliam Street Im looking for Osborne. thankd again, this is much appreciated. A
  2. Hi can anyone help me with info from Kelly’s for the following : Albert Road 1932, 1939, 1969 Jeffrey Street 1949 Thomas street 1901, 1913 Tuffolds Close 1939, 1945, 1946, 1947 Sylvester Lane 1887 Fitzwilliam Street 1891 Help with any of the years would be hugely appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Thanks, do you know where I should look?? City Road say they can't help. Thanks
  4. Thanks, I was just going for the nearest one but I will look at that too. Thanks again.
  5. Hi I am looking for Anne Osborne. Her dad was William, mum Agnes/Nancy. Anne joined the army and lived in Shrewsbury for some time. Thanks.
  6. Hi my great uncle worked as a kennelman in 1939 before joining the navy. He lived at Tuffolds Close so potentially, he could have worked at Hyde Park. A long shot but does anyone know if there is a list of trainers/helpers from that period?? Thanks.
  7. Does anyone know about the living accommodation at City Road cemetery which I believe is now the offices?? A man called Sam Bell (?) used to live there and worked at the cemetery. Thanks
  8. Sorry, I have only seen your post today. We have nothing of Frank other than one photo. I now know Frank trained and served at/on the following; Royal Arthur 10.01.40 Drake 1 15.02.40 Fox 01.07.40 Drake 1 04.10.40 Stag 15.12.40 Barham 10.01.41/18.05.41 Thanks!
  9. Thanks. I have all Frank's info, I'm trying to establish other men from Sheffield. I can't find a database that lists the places where the men came from.
  10. Thanks. I will try the national archives. It’s a list of all the men from Sheffield I am hoping to find but not sure if such a thing exists. Thanks again
  11. Thanks for your reply. I've contacted them but no response. They also have a website with a full crew list but its doesn't say where each of the men came from. I would like to find out as I would like to arrange some sort of memorial regardless of how small but time is of the essence. Yes I've seen the footage. It is quite sad to know that he is on there somewhere trying to survive.
  12. Hi My great uncle, Frank Osborne died aged 22 when a German U-Boat torpedoed HMS Barham on 25th November 1941. As it is 80 years this year, I was wondering if there was a way of finding out how many of the men were from Sheffield....? Any info/advice is much appreciated.
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