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  1. Yep LANTS it is. Painted in a light blue colour outside if my childhood memory serves and Jacksons chippy was painted red. You've set me off again!!!! I want those chips!
  2. Lant's and Jacksons(just a bit further up the 'Cliffe) chippies were the best in Sheffield.There are no chippies that can compare these days except when you go to the coast. I miss them!
  3. Hadfields features in many of the books on Sheffield. The location of the road was where the Sainsburys garage is, on the Sheffield Rd end and Hadfields was at the end of that,probably where the main entrance to Meadowhell is.
  4. Scarey article in the Mail last week about a couple who have wind turbines on their land. There is constant noise and vibrations from the turbines and it is ruining their lives. They can't sleep,their nerves are in tatters and no one can do anything to help. They can't sell their house either (not surprisingly) Not good eh?
  5. I worked at Hope Brewery on Claywheels Lane. I went in the Pig and Whistle a couple of times but,we had our own 'pub' on our site called 'The Tavern' Any excuse for a knees -up................Happy days.
  6. A dog left in a cage all day??? How cruel is that?
  7. Now thats weird cos we were told it was Tesco that was on the receiving end!
  8. I was driving my brand new car under the Tinsley viaduct some years ago when, a bolt sheared off the upper part and damaged my roof.To cut a long story short. I contacted the Highways Agency and they sent a very nice man along to see the damage and I had to state which part of the viaduct I was on so they could see where the bolt had been.My car was repaired and they paid in full. Contact them as soon as you can,cos the debris must have been removed by them,therefore you have proof! PS Dont ever drive in a convertible or have your sunroof open when under the viaduct,apparantly bolts shear off every now and again and I would hate to think what one would do to your head.
  9. Hi. My Great Great Grandparents lived in the Hare and Hounds pub which according to the 1881 census was in Uppergate,Bradfield. The only pub of this name is situated in Stannington on Uppergate. Can anyone shed any light on this because the pub in Stannington looks like it was built in the 60's. Thanks
  10. Susan Roach was in my class. I remember Ronnie's barbers vey well also the tobacconist. We used to pinch 'Dentyne' from Ivor Rothwells shop on the way to school...shocking behaviour! My great Aunt had a sweet shop just a few doors up near to Bessie Wade's sandwich shop,'tomato dips' on the way to school! Stephen Blades,I remember the name but nothing else. I remember watching the Tinsley Hotel being demolished from the 'club room' window at the Commercial.I have a video of Sheffield Trams. Its got a brilliant section of a tram driven from Sheffield centre down Attercliffe and into the tram sheds at Tinsley,taken from the inside. It's like travelling back in time,seeing all the shops and pubs that are no longer there.
  11. Message for BigKev. I used to know your cousin Steven Holford or 'Fuzzy' as our Ian used to call him. Your Aunty Val used to live next door to the Commercial and we used to knock about with her son Ian. Val used to go on holiday with my Nan.Its strange that when you go onto the Friends Reunited website, there is hardly anyone who has put their names down as attending Carbrook C of E School.
  12. Hello all ex Carbrook folk. I've been reading this thread for a few weeks now. Time to join in. My family lived on Yarmouth Street. Jack Dodsley's corner shop was on the end of it and it was across from Carbrook School. My Nan Edna Williams was the landlady of The Commercial Hotel on the corner of Weedon Street. Ian Williams is my uncle and his Dad, Reg sadly died in 2004. I remember quite a few of the names mentioned on here. Here's just a few of the names I remember from my time, Robert Allen, David Roebuck.Diane McKee,Diane Connors,Mick Moss,Barry Gill. The Goodrums. The Lockwoods. The Neil Family (Jeffrey was in my class) Phillip Carr,Gary Carr (he was in a band called The Green Carnation with our Ian) Mrs Searson. Tommy Bruce's greengrocers shop was across from us and he had a white alsation anybody remember that? Mansells sweet shop, Albert Bruces shop.The chip shops Woodbines,Phoenix's, Fields chippy which was across the road from the Commercial.The Zanelli family who lived on Weedon Street went to our school. Steve Willets and Steve Turner were good mates. Ian Kemp was the best mate of my brother. Miss Beal,Miss Springthorpe,Mr Evans,Mr Hughes were some of the teachers when I was there and Mr Cornthwaite was the headmaster. Some other names that have just sprung to mind. Martin Beard,Tommy and Michael Rick,Ian and Paul Golland, Tina Linacre, Dale Parkinson,Paul Wright,Michael Williams,Lance and Paul Woods. My word the list goes on. I used to love going in Les Fox's,no lighting whatsoever and piled to the rafters with workclothes and airfix kits! We all used to play on the rec and I remember Bill the rec keeper. Nice chap and always smelt of antiseptic.Didn't half hurt if you fell over on all those red chippings! Happy days.
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