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  1. Log into your account and try and do an order, and your option should come up.
  2. Oh yeah, Gladiators, Blind Date, Blankety Blank, It's a Knock Out, Bullseye, Crackerjack etc... Showing my age a bit there lol.
  3. Mother's Day date can change, but it's almost between the middle and end of March.
  4. He isn't but I am, so walking all the way to 2 Bus stops would be difficult.
  5. I always do but still get them coming back I know it's probably Russian spam bots though, like I said I don't "do" Porn sites to get the targeted ads.
  6. Thanks for that, it's not ads though, it's actual messages.
  7. Above. For some reason, I get a constant stream of messages on Facebook alluding to rather pornographic content. I know the ads on there are geared to stuff I search for, but at the moment my main Googling is gaming related and job searching, I don't go on Porn sites. Short of closing my account (again) is there anything I can do to stop this? Obviously I can't post examples, you know why.
  8. Oh come on, you know the Royal family are exempt from being arrested for ANYTHING!
  9. Expensive, it's a good 90 minutes to 2 hour journey to the Lincolnshire coast.
  10. Oh come on, Phil Schofield's been presenting for Donkey's years, remember when he did the "Broom Cupboard" on CBBC back in the early to mid 80s? As for Holly Willoughby, I've always liked her
  11. The 120 doesn't come through S3 though, it goes up Walkley, via Crookes. I haven't lived in lower Walkley in over 23 years.
  12. I used to catch Wood Lice, and then set them free, I have enough problems without a headful of Lice thanks! As for maths questions, I can do sums in my head almost literally with my eyes shut, but as evident from the test I did up at Matrec on Prince of Wales Road this week, I suck at shapes and angles
  13. It's unlikely they'll find anything of any consequence on Mars IMO, if there were HG Wells style Martians, surely they'd have come by now? Maybe they have
  14. Yeah, I voted for them back when Nick Clegg was still leader, in the Election that lead to the ill-fated "Coalition" government.. Daft idea eh?
  15. Thanks for that, I'll look up the times. Still not heard from the job yet though
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