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  1. Iv just driven past and half the building has been taken down , anyone know what it's going to be ? .
  2. http://www.claireabelladesigns.co.uk/gallery/ I'm all for independent business but these are already being made ?
  3. My son received bone marrow from an unrelated donor a few years ago which saved his life it was his last chance and we can't thank the donor enough , I would imagine that the giving would be uncomfortable for a few days but the wonderful feeling of saving a life is going to be with you forever. Well done and I hope everything goes well for you xxx
  4. It sounds like dog acne my dog had it for a while . Google it there are loads of home treatments
  5. I'm sure I read an article in the star that they wanted £30,000 to Play at the new limit bar opening
  6. http://www.velvetburlesque.co.uk/ give these a try , the shows are fantastic x
  7. the gig was fantastic wish i had tickets for tonight too, enjoy .
  8. The lads on the Bowery door are nice blokes .
  9. those pink and white coconut flakes mmmmmmm and cream soda flavor sherbert
  10. We really enjoyed swishing today and got some really nice things . come back soon .
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