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  1. I took one of my leather shoulder bags to HFL Saddlery and leatherwork , 281 Middlewood Road, S6 1TG to have the strap repaired and they did a brilliant job . If your wife's purse is leather I'm sure they'd be able to help . They did say that a large proportion of their work involves repairing designer bags strangely enough 🤔
  2. I am so pleased for you .....my sister went through more or less the same ordeal with a different dealer and it really took a toll on her health..... Well done for seeing it through !!!
  3. 🤔 Hmmmm . . I didn't know that . ... 😉
  4. Was hoping this was somehow linked to alcoblogs tree penguins 😁
  5. I wish alcoblog would bring it back 😔
  6. Elsecar heritage centre? Wentworth garden centre?
  7. I can definitely recommend Helens 👍 her pork sarnies are my favourite 💜 much tastier than Bere's in my opinion ....
  8. Is there an option on the machine at Chapeltown station for railcards?
  9. I have had exactly the same thing happen to me when my regular postman-who is excellent- was on sick leave . This was also on a Saturday-plus it was a redelivery I'd arranged as they didn't turn up the first time - yet again waited in especially and yet again nothing......I'd even phoned the depot and the person I spoke to said it would be delivered that day . .... Furious doesn't begin to cover it.
  10. I always use Martyn Kemps- he has several branches and I find him an excellent optician . He has the latest up to date equipment and can test for many types of eye abnormalities as well as the standard eye test. Good choice of frames as well - designer and budget range.
  11. Thank you ? I've just seen a letter sent to one of the businesses on middlewood road - complicated ?
  12. Where exactly are the signs? I've been to the middlewood road/Hillsborough area twice today and not seen any?
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