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  1. Elsecar heritage centre? Wentworth garden centre?
  2. I can definitely recommend Helens 👍 her pork sarnies are my favourite 💜 much tastier than Bere's in my opinion ....
  3. Is there an option on the machine at Chapeltown station for railcards?
  4. I have had exactly the same thing happen to me when my regular postman-who is excellent- was on sick leave . This was also on a Saturday-plus it was a redelivery I'd arranged as they didn't turn up the first time - yet again waited in especially and yet again nothing......I'd even phoned the depot and the person I spoke to said it would be delivered that day . .... Furious doesn't begin to cover it.
  5. I always use Martyn Kemps- he has several branches and I find him an excellent optician . He has the latest up to date equipment and can test for many types of eye abnormalities as well as the standard eye test. Good choice of frames as well - designer and budget range.
  6. Thank you ? I've just seen a letter sent to one of the businesses on middlewood road - complicated ?
  7. Where exactly are the signs? I've been to the middlewood road/Hillsborough area twice today and not seen any?
  8. Brilliant ? glad you're both on the mend ?......
  9. Red5 in meadowhall ? Lots of similar items
  10. Am so glad you're ok - ish- and will be back with your crazy funny posts when you're ready... wasn't sure if it was even ok to ask about forum members
  11. Alcoblogs hilarious posts...just an idle comment but I hope he's ok ...
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