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  1. Thats so sad. Only 51 as well.
  2. I know lots of people are very fond of the Royal family but I'm not a fan. I find the whole thing outdated and their sense of privilege makes my stomach turn. All those homes they have , all those jewles, all that land and all that money they posses could be put to good use housing and feeding the less fortunate but nope, they just keep getting richer and richer. It's sad really.
  3. Thank you for all the replies everyone. You've all been a big help. As it happens as i was on my way out to Crystal Peaks for a replacement my landlord turned up and we got chatting and i mentioned the oven and he said he would have it replaced for me. Free of charge too which is a bonus lol. Cheers again everyone 🙂
  4. Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I'm looking for a replacement bulb for a cata eosv4bk oven. I've looked almost everywhere but can't seem to find one that's the same as the original. Any advice on where best to get one please?
  5. Hiya. Can anyone tell me if there is a way to add photos to a post straight from my phone please? It's an Android if that makes a difference? Thank you 👍
  6. As the title. I think this forum is great. Loads of interesting, friendly people and has posts that go back years and years. I had no idea Sheffield Forum had been around so long. Long may it continue 👏👏👏
  7. Thank you cressida that's really nice of you. I'm loving my time here already. 👍
  8. Oh no. How sad. I didn't know Mort like the rest of you did but I'd just like to say she was so caring and helpful towards me and my uncle. Rest in peace Mort and my heart felt condolences to all her friends and family ❤️
  9. Hi everyone. I have a dog who is almost 2. We got him when he was around 13 months old and he's always been fed cooked fresh meat and biscuits but I hear raw food is much better for them. Can I move him to a raw diet and if so how do I do it? Thank you for reading guys and gals 🙂
  10. I'd send Nancy Pelosi and her 7 best friends.
  11. I'm terrible at replying to emails in good time.
  12. Yeah that would be really interesting. I'd love to know how she is and how her life is going.
  13. Hurray... I finally managed to log in on my phone lol Thanks for letting me off for my slight indiscretion Francypants and ill be winging my way to the I'm bored section ASAP 😂
  14. Oh my word im going to hell for laughing so hard at that.😆 I remember the story well though. All i could remember thinking was what a terrible life that poor girl must have had. Oddly her mums stupid plan is probably the only 'good' thing she ever did because as a result Shannon was given the chance of a new life with a new family. I really hope she is ok and doing well bless her little soul.
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