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  1. If I was nervous about say an event or just in a situation I felt uncomfortable in, my Mom used to say, "Just act daft and let thi nose run".
  2. I worked in the office upstairs but I was on the shop floor quite frequently as Mr. Roper's office was downstairs. There was a spares department further up London Road too. I was 16 at that time and remember when they started selling the Bond Bug.
  3. I'm new to this forum, just finding my way around at the moment. Anyway, I didn't watch much t.v. before the pandemic and to my surprise I find I'm watching things I never thought I would. New Tricks, Waking the Dead, Silent Witness. At first it was all the latest news programmes and yes.. I even watched Piers Morgan every morning! Then it got worse, I started getting nasty if anyone spoke to me during The Andrew Marr Show. I also started screaming at the t.v. especially the adverts for life insurance, the charity adverts made me cry though. I was becoming quite emotional so I frantically searched for something light-hearted. I found Would I Lie to You, Gogglebox and quite a few others and now I'm getting my sunny disposition back again...sort of. 😏
  4. Ah...that explains it and most likely explains all the dreams I have. I was going to say, "I need to get out more". Then I realised...... Back to tv and now it's Bargain Hunt!
  5. My husband is watching Storage Wars and for some strange reason, so am I. What is happening to me?😨
  6. I worked at F.B. Ropers, London Road 1969-1971.
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