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  1. Thats interesting. I've just remembered that I spent most of my second year at Carterknowle in Mrs Bartletts class. She was a geography specialist and filled me with lots of stories about Canada. I later went to live and work there, for 22 years, and I always remembered that she was the one that lit that fuse. I always enjoyed my time at Cartknowle, apart from anything else it was fairly close to Needhams field where my sister and I used to go, often.
  2. I hope you youngsters had a good start in life from Abbeydale. I used to enjoy my weekly trips the Carterknowle. I think we spent every Tuesday afternoon there to do woodwork.
  3. I haven't managed to find the other post, but I'm new on here and have yet to master the intricacies of the system. Interesting that you girls had to climb ropes for your netball training. Maybe he was a bit of a perv? Or maybe not. He seemed fairly straight laced to me but a bit of a bully
  4. Spooky! In truth, we didn't have any spooky experiences but just called it that because it made it more exciting. I have never been back since its rebirth but would love to do so. When was it that you last visited there?
  5. I left in 1961. I think that I may have like him in other circumstances, but, because I was completely rubbish at PT, he tended to pick on me, and use me as an example to the others etc. I was good at swimming though but that didn't help. The 'slipper' was more painful on wet trunks.
  6. Does anyone remember the old Lantern Theatre on Kenwood Park Rd, when it was a derelict? My sister and I and one or two other childhood friends found our way in through a basement window, and claimed it as our den. This would have been about 1957. We didn't know it was a theatre and called it our Haunted Picture Palace. We loved going there. Pam, my sister, would take a broom and a mop and clean up one of the rooms at the back. She also brought some old curtains over to make it homey. One day though, we found a note on the table in 'our' room saying that the old theatre was going to be renovated and, although we were invited to help with this, we never went there again (believing that we'd probably get into trouble for breaking in). My sister and I had a brilliant childhood together.
  7. Yes I used to love the herbal shop and would always go for a pint of sasperilla on my way home from the Heeley baths. Or sometimes I would have Horlicks. The great thing about that shop was also their herbal tobacco. God knows what was in it but I smoked it often, rolling herbal fags with my little fag rolling machine. Its a wonder that I'm still alive.
  8. I lived practically next for to the Abbeydale cinema. We used to get into there on most evening for nothing also. It was more about getting in than the movie. But the abbeydale was the best of the ocsl flea pits.
  9. Did anyone go to Abbeydale Sec Mod. I was there from 1957- 61 and loved and hated it. My main Nemesis was Mr Wilson the PT teacher (who was also my class teacher in the 3rd year). He loved to whack me with his 'slipper' (gymshoe), and used to say that it was punishment for something that I was likely to do later (but that he wouldn't see). Then there was Mr Skinner, the maths teacher and Deputy head. I was terrified of him for all of my first 3 years and was often sent to him for caning by some other teacher, and he was brutal. However, in the fourth year, he was my class teacher, and I thought he was great, a bit like Herr Flick but firm and fair. I believe he later became the Head, after my time though.
  10. Thanks anyway. I'm just glad that someone is talking to me, at least. I knew the Heeley District quite well at the time. I used to go to the Heeley Colley bug house quite often and the Helley Palace also. We'd always get in without paying, usually through the exit doors which one of our gang would open for us. I had a brilliant childhood.
  11. Thanks. But I don't think that was the right girl. I think that the Pat Walker I am enquiring about lived in the Nether Edge area.
  12. I think there was a chip shop on club garden road at the 3nd of hobart st. I used to go there regularly and ask for a penny worth of scraps, the waste cooked crispy batter from cooking fish and fishcakes. Occasionally, I would get a bit of fish thrown in.
  13. Smeaton St was a small unadopted cul de sac off Sharrow Lane. It was pretty grotty and shabby with 16 very small 2-up and 2-down homes, with no bathrooms or hot water. We didn't even have a cooker but just an oven heated by the fire . Amazingly my family of 5 managed, even though I had to share a bed with my parents until I became a teenager. Great days.
  14. I knew Pat in the 60s. I was a young sailor and she was still at school (Greystones). She was a lovely girl but we lost touch and I just would like to know how her life panned out.
  15. I went to Cecil Rd School from 1952 to 1957. It was a bit of a dump with a very poor track record for kids passing the 11 plus. Nevertheless my overall memories were of a pleasant few years, except for one or two hiccups.
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