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  1. Hi All, I'm about to agree a completion date for a house I'm purchasing and my solicitor seems confused by the deeds as they show that the whole shared yard is to be conveyed to us. ( land in red). She raised an enquiry around the boundary and for clarification if we would own it all and the seller just said the garden is separated by a flowerbed. Our solicitor has said if we want to claim the yard at some point this may result in litigation with the neighbour. The house we are purchasing is the one to the right of the alley and we aren't going to try and claim the neighbours garden, but would like to purchase the freehold reversion at some point. Does anyone know if the lack of boundary on this property would make it more difficult? . There's approx 350 years left on the lease and the block of 4 houses are all leasehold and owned by the same freeholder) https://ibb.co/MhbVyh4 this image shows our right of way over the land coloured brown (alley) and next doors right of way over the land coloured yellow which is the entirety of the shared yard., https://ibb.co/L9ZXVrF thanks a lot for any advice!
  2. I'm in the process of buying a 3 bed victorian terrace that will likely need a full re roofing. Surveyor said it's still the original roof on there as there's no felt. Is it possible to get a ballpark figure quote by DM or will someone need to visit the property?
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