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  1. Hi just found this site i worked at parkin and bacon from 1959 to 1962, i was then known as Betty Downs. I worked in the binding department and remember some of the names that have been mentioned, Marrie? was the forewoman, and the girls names were June Doddesley Ivy Rooker her two sister worked in letter press one was called Alice, i remember Tom Farmsworth as his feeder, Jack was on the guillotine and he looked after the paper warehouse on the top floor, and Noel was the book binder. Diane worked in letter press with Carol sorry don't remember there surnames but they both came to my wedding, Also i can recall Miss Willoughby and Vanda who worked in the offices. Also Horace and Pete Ward who worked in letter press and also mr smith who came every afternoon, Also joyce took over from Marrie? when she left to have her baby
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