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  1. Hi wensley 1 nice to hear from another pre fab Dweller yes great times wincobank hill I could walk over from pre fab to my old house on wincobank lane grimesthorpe funny as as a kid I lived each side on wincobank hill gun search light stands reseavior sledging down slope's on cardboard great days
  2. Any one lived in pre fabs wensley st and area I lived at 77 wensley st that was top end not far from tip as we called it had gate on think belonged to esc but could walk round gate to wincobank hill also short cut to flower estate used to play footie back of our house as was bit grass there road curved round down to hinde st
  3. Thanks for reply scrapman and southweller had forgot some names but think Steve Highfield lived in last house before wincobank hill we lived in big house facing out on raised up area cottages ran at a t shape from ours to last house before wincobank hill also were two houses on Corby road on road leading to child's knew spot and other bills Pete woodhead lived hillside
  4. Thanks for and geo and gas not many remember hillside as was called used to go down steps on to upwell street there was 2 sets opposite shop offy on hillside cannot think name of offy they still there don't know remember cottams yard with horses kept for drags. Had contract with English steel moving steel I work English steel 1961 apprentice left owler lane Xmas 1960 with woods Bob guest and few more forgot names
  5. Any one remember hillside as know to as locals .ran from bottom wincobank lane to come out upwell street also cottages ran up beside cottams yard remember seaman's living in one there's pictures. ON old Sheffield site
  6. Thanks for info re graveyard l fell in there playing spike around grave went through my arm fire brigade cut spike off took .me in ambulance !to northern. Spike and all also use to clImb under fence to swim in resoivior got covered in ants cardboard sledging down winco hill happy days
  7. Hi gas and 7k86 and bowls homers of page hall no relations new of em just me and late sister Anne is the small grave yard wincobank lane still there opposite. Wansfell road also do you remember hillside ran from bottom of upwell street to come out wincobank lane cottages on there Pete woodhead at school with me lived there then gennel to boys club
  8. I played for boys club early 60s started worknew year day61 English steel left owler lane Xmas 1960 after year or so played for English steel shiregreen lane sports field any grimesthorpe clan remember old graveyard wincobank lane left side going up opposite wansfell road l fell on spike on grave there went through my arm
  9. Any one played for grimesthorpe boys club football also a kick about behind bowling green pub many good lads there good players not so good cricket team lembs ran boys club trips out etc
  10. Yes lived at 2 winco road went to grimesthorpe school then owler lane moved to pre fabs wensley at 1958
  11. Lived at 2 winco road grimesthorpe near Jimmy child's yard anyone remember 1950/60 there
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