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    If I’m in a shop I do this but when I’ve ordered online I haven’t had an option to say I don’t want the hangers. I do when I’m in a shop but when I receive online orders they send the items on hangers. There’s not an option with online orders to say I don’t want the hangers.
  2. JenR


    @bassett one thank you for your response. I'll try the recycle centres. I agree that recycling then is better than them ended up in landfill. I wish retailers would give you options not to have the hangers when you buy from them. Some do but some just give you them automically which is annoying.
  3. I've got loads of coathangers to get rid of. Does anyone know if charity shops are taking them at the moment? If not, does anyone know where I can recycle coathangers? I'd prefer to not chuck them in the bin.
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