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  1. Hi Duffems, Paul and I were extremely good friends at that time, I never saw him again after leaving school. I was also a good friend of Christine, in fact the three of us were somewhat inseperable for a time. Christine kept in contact with my mother for years. The last time I saw Christine was at my mothers funeral in 1977, I hope she is well. I was pleased to hear of Paul's success in the police force. If you knew Paul then you must know me and I you. How time passes, it must be around 56/57 years since we left Newfield.
  2. This is not Dave Gunn is it, have a sister called Anne as I recall?
  3. Yes, I'm trying to think back. 40 years ago, we had just sold our engineering business in Oughtibridge and were embarking on a trip to Saudi Arabia. After that in 82/83 we returned to Sheffield for a short time before leaving to South Africa. I did know that Paul had a successful career with the police but lost contact with him many years ago in fact not long after he got married, so that would be around 63/64. Christine his wife came to my mothers funeral in 77 and that was the last time I saw her. Anyway glad to hear that he's still with us, he was a good friend. You're not Geoffrey Caterer are you? I'm intrigued, please let me know, you can send me a private email if you wish. We can have a reminisce and catch up. Thanks for the message......Stuart
  4. It's taken 11 years to see this, I'm Stuart Abbott. I fondly remember well all the names mentioned and hope all are well. I too went on to Newfield School. I've had fortunate life, realising after school that I had to educate myself...lol..and eventually went into the oil industry in engineering management which took me and my family all over the world. In 1984 I had a project in South Africa and decided to make that our perminant home and bought a farm, which we still have but no longer live there. It's long story, so maybe for another time. My last project was in Malaysia from where I retired in 2014. We decided to retire in the UK and we made several trips here buying a house in Scarborough, where we now live. I'd love to get in touch but honestly can't remember you by your nickname. Best regards and hope this finds you well.......Stuart
  5. I was a very good friend of both Trevor and Jeff Slattery in the 1960's, I presume one is your father. In 1970 I got married and shortly after we went overseas and lost contact. Since retiring and returning to the UK in 2014 I have been trying to locate them, but so far have failed. There were a few of us, close friends at the time who hung about together and would regularly go camping and hiking at weekends, Trevor was the real outwards bound adventurous one. I would love to make contact with them again if you could pass this message on and maybe contact me privately. We have a lot of catching up and reminiscing to do.
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