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  1. My earliest musical memory is my dad threatening to break my Archies Sugar Sugar if I didn't behave...
  2. Just to reiterate....we still need a couple of players.....
  3. Got a price of £933 for me and my two sons all inclusive for two nights.
  4. Wanted players (defenders preferable) for Nether Green U18's.We are two or three players short of a good side and play in Division Three of DB Sports League.We play at Bents Green Fields S11.PM if interested.
  5. Must not be registered to any other club. Nether Green U18's require a keeper for new season.(Div 2). PM if interested.Trials 6.30 Weds evenings Bents Green Fields.
  6. Nice to see I haven't missed much on here lately... A win over Posh might get a few fans thinking it's possible but I would think they need to lose 10 or more of their last 16 games with us winning the same.Just settle for Wembley then...
  7. Remember this.It was 1984.Four of us did all 104 pubs-26 on each card.The furthest was in Goole.We went there on a Monday afternoon and it was closed.Luckily the landlord stamped it for us but wouldn't sell us a drink.For doing all 104 pubs (only 8 people finished all 4 cards) we got a barrel of Wards,a jumper and a tie.
  8. Still got them all on video.No player to watch 'em on though...
  9. Stopped buying it when it went up to a quid.Got every one since '83 and some earlier ones.
  10. I've had another go... ---------- Post added 03-07-2013 at 10:52 ---------- Thanks for those.I do have them in my collection.
  11. Keeper wanted for Abbey Lane U 16's.PM if interested.
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