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  1. Hi, Thanks for the vid. I've actually seen this a few times and thought he looked familiar but wouldn't have remembered his name without you saying it! Just trying to remember exactly how I knew him. I know I know him but can't pinpoint exactly how. Can you remember where he lived on Heeley? .... Just found out he was in the same class as my sister! Was his sister called Susan?
  2. Hi, Langtons snooker hall.. spent many an hour in there when I got older. No not seen any of the Crowthers since end of 1978 when we moved out. Although I do know they moved somewhere near the top end of East Bank Road. I'm not on Facebook or anything so not attempted to track them down, but would like to see Martin again. Not 100% sure but would guess it was around 1976/1977.
  3. Hi, Yes they did. Michelle Morgan rings a bell, but can't say for sure. Not sure exactly where the Johnsons lived, but they were called Susan, Paul & Andrew. Yeah I remember Craig Flemming, his brothers, along with Danny Davies, used to knock around with my brother and were always at our house having toast & tea. I see Danny knocking around from time to time, last saw him few years back up at meadowhead. Do you remember the Crowther family starring in a documentary on T.V? I've been trying to find it online but had no luck. It was about 3 families from different social classes and they were one of the families.
  4. Hi, I knocked about with Karen's brother Martin. Yeah Deborah Nash was Lee's sister. My dad was a bus driver at that time . You probably know my brother & sister, Antony & Karen Baxter, they're same sort of age as Danny Davies & Karen Crowther. Some other names Johnsons family, the Harvey's, the Bookers & the Flemmings.
  5. Hi, Yeah I know Everton, he was in my year. Also Steven Hutchinson. I presume Jackie Spriggs was Stevens sister, who was also in my year. I knew Danny Davies too, he was my brothers best mate. Other names you might now, Michael & Jean Kent (lived in my yard). Martin & Karen Crowther. Lee Nash. Wayne Dalton. Kenneth Sales who's mum worked at the petrol station Queens Road, opposite Lowfields school. My sister worked in Stans fruit shop on the corner. Also remember the sweet shop next to the barbers that had all white chocolate in the window (sun had bleached it!). My mum also used to work in the butchers further up, just before Fine Fare. Think it was Thompsons.
  6. Thanks for the links! Did you go to Lowfields school? I left there in 1978. We used to play football against the gate of Spaffords and target the white lettering above, with the football! I lived on Queens Road, on the stretch of houses right where halfords is. Can't quite see my old house on the links you sent or on Picture Sheffield. Did you live on Queens Road?
  7. Hi, New to this. Can anyone help post a photo of Queens Road in the 70s before the houses were demolished? Looking to see the old houses where Halfords now stands. Thanks in advance P.s. anyone live around those houses then?
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