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  1. What an unholy alliance this is. Loveable, knockabout, racist, has-been arsewipe Jim Davidson has called for serial nonce Paul Gadd (aka Gary Glitter) to be released from prison because apparently he's remorseful and 'looks ready' to start a new life (of not sexually abusing children), whatever that means. I wish them both whell
  2. I read Last Exit to Brooklyn recently. A really fantastic book. Selby said that his aim was to avoid putting himself between the characters and the reader, so that you get the characters (based on the kinds of people living in his neighborhood) as unfiltered as possible. That makes it uncomfortable reading, because the characters are needy and messed up, but it's brilliantly written and therefore impossible to put down, tempting though that is at times. Clearly an influence on Trainspotting, but better. My mate who gave Last Exit to me warned me not to read The Room by Selby unless I was feeling robust.
  3. Pretty sure Brady was detained under section 37/41 of the Mental Health Act, which has no defined end. You can appeal your detention at a mental health tribunal, which he did unsuccessfully at least once, but otherwise it's entirely at the discretion of the secretary of state.
  4. When's Neville Flaming Torch due for parole?
  5. Wear a sun hat next time I was talking to a friend yesterday who has a small business, at most it's employed 10 people. He told me that a few years ago he paid more corporation tax in the UK than Amazon.
  6. Biden has pulled it off. Global minimum corporation tax rate agreed meaning multinationals will no longer be able to offshore their profits.
  7. Norway, Liechtenstein and Iceland eh? Swimming with the big boys now. Don't suppose you've had any thoughts on the trade deal with Australia including trade courts that allow Aussie businesses to sue UK governments if they pass laws which negatively affect their profits, thereby surrendering sovereignty? (Don't worry, it's rhetorical, you don't have to embarrass yourself by answering)
  8. It looks like the trade deal with Australia will allow Australian companies to sue future UK governments if they pass policies that hit Aussie firms' profits. Literally giving away control. Surrendering UK sovereignty and giving the whip hand to Australian businesses. Well done everyone. This lot really have had your pants down. https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/news/uk-australia-trade-deal-liz-truss-271725/
  9. "What's the best that Britain can manage?" "This boat" "Right"
  10. Just about any Northern European society is able to absorb information, weigh it up and make a sensible decision better than the "no-one tells ME what to do, never trust anyone with a degree" mentality of the English.
  11. The thing is, it's so much more subtle than this. While there are undoubtedly some people like 'John', most people don't consciously discriminate, they make discriminatory decisions without realising. For example, for as long as the UK has been keeping data on the issue, we've known that Black Caribbean and Black African people are more likely than any other ethinc group to be detained under the Mental Health Act instead of being voluntarily admitted to hospital; that they are more likely to be given higher doses of the strongest psychotropic drugs; that they are more likely to be physically restrained while in hospital. Yet I doubt there are any psychiatrists or nurses working in psychiatric hospitals who think "here comes another black person, I'll make sure I treat them worse than the others". It's bias, but it's not conscious. While it is helpful to look at individual experiences because it humanises the issue more than looking at statistics, focusing too much on individual experience risks masking the systemic level of racism, and allows us all to think "well, I'm not an EDL thug who uses racist words and does Nazi salutes, therefore I can't do or think anything racist". Even the best of us can do or think the wrong thing sometimes, it's because of how we're raised within a racist culture.
  12. Pay inequality for the same role is illegal. That is not the problem here, the problem is that the higher paying roles are less likely to be offered to Black graduates than white graduates, which causes and then perpetuates the pay gap. It's really not difficult to see why - I've done loads of recruitment, and it's not a science. It's humans picking other humans, and while we can (and should) try to select on merit, humans also like familiarity, and if the people doing the picking can relate to you better than someone else then it gives you the edge. Then if the majority of the people doing the picking are white, which they are, then it gives us white people an edge. There are a lot of people who don't want to accept this, because most people want to feel that they got a job because they were the best candidate, and it makes them feel uncomfortable to consider whether that might not always have been true. But I have accepted that maybe I wasn't always the best candidate for the jobs I got. I'm good in job interviews, very good in fact. My current employer told me I 'blew them away' in my interview. As usual, the panel was all white, we were all from the same culture. What if we weren't? Would I still have blown them away? Maybe, maybe not.
  13. True. The incidence of dementia in the population rises steeply after the age of 80, then more steeply again after 85. West 77's view is based on the past, not the present.
  14. Some data here on the fortunes of graduates by ethnic group. There is some data as well about relative wages for people with the same degree, which I'll try and find. Here you go https://www.peoplemanagement.co.uk/news/articles/black-male-graduates-7000-pay-penalty-report-finds
  15. Such as given to friends/donors of the Tory party in return for 'services'
  16. When the next far right terrorist murders inevitably happen, do pop back and say that it's high time the white community had a serious discussion about that. All of us, I mean, because obviously the behaviour of white people is the collective responsibility of all other white people.
  17. I think the important thing that's being missed here is that Boris Johnson failed to answer in Parliament today whether he said "only 80 year olds are dying of it" in discussions about the second lockdown. Here's how it goes if he didn't say it: "Did you say that?" "No" and here's how it goes if he did say it: "Did you say that?" [answers different question] He said it. It's obvious he said it. If he didn't say it, he would have just said 'no'. Anyone who supports this man after this is just vermin.
  18. It really isn't that binary. I'm not sure why you are trying to oversimplify the issue. For example, in the UK East Asians are often seen as being less discriminated against than other ethnic groups, and yet were the most likely to suffer racially aggravated assault even before Covid.
  19. Because America is particularly racist against Black people - those are the ones they enslaved, if you remember. I take it you haven't been reading about the appalling racist abuse and violence Asian-Americans have been experiencing for a while now?
  20. It's as if there are fewer routes to financial security for Black people in America, so there's an overdependence on sports and music as ways to thrive. Chris Rock sums it up really well in this clip (NSFW)
  21. Would be interesting to repeat the question after the years of political awakening in Black America since then. I suspect the answers would be different now.
  22. That's good. It's hard for Black people in America to get the same opportunities as white people. I guess this woman is just fed up of waiting for whitey to do something about it and has decided to just do whatever it takes to produce some change. Good on her. How long have people been waiting for change now? Centuries. Nothing's going to change by just waiting for equality to be given - got to make it happen.
  23. She is discriminating, in response to what seems fairly clearly racial bias in the media companies. It will force them to look at their recruitment practices, which is good. Unless you were going to suggest that the reason there are few Black and brown journalists is because they're too lazy or too thick, etc. Absolutely on the money.
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