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  1. If the Brexiters in government really, really care about keeping money in the UK, they'll use their new political independence to make sure companies can't offshore their profits and avoid paying corporation tax. Let's see if that happens.
  2. There are certainly some rights issues with how the police retain some data, and with some of it it's probably a good thing that it's been wiped. But it now turns out with this deletion that it includes information that was supposed to be retained indefinitely because it relates to people convicted of serious offences.
  3. This idea of compensating people who are worse off because of Brexit is surely a non-starter. Whose money are they going to use to do that with? And for how long - indefinitely?
  4. Which is worth precisely nothing. They have broken so many promises relating to Brexit that any assurances they give are valueless.
  5. So that's why he's on the cheap hair dye
  6. BBC article here This is pretty worrying. Losing DNA evidence that may have been gathered while investigating serious crimes will hinder the ability to link suspects to other offences. It will also affect enhanced disclosures via the Disclosure and Barring Service (that social care and health professionals, teachers, childcare staff etc have to provide) because the enhanced disclosure doesn't just provide record of conviction, but also records of police contact. That can be particularly relevant with domestic abuse, where police can be called multiple times to an address but don't arrest the perpetrator because the victim is too afraid to make a statement.
  7. A promising start. I took the lowest dose for my weight (18mg) an hour before I went to bed, and although it took me a while to get to sleep I didn't have any restless leg. My legs felt heavier than usual and I wasn't worried that I wouldn't be able to get to sleep - it's usually the tell-tale tingle in my legs that give me the fear that I'm not going to be able to drop off. It's only one night of course, so I'll need to do it a few more times to see if it continues to help, but a good start.
  8. It is quite pricey for sure. It arrived today, it's the oil you put under your tongue - I won't use it tonight because I'll be on the booze tonight and won't know if it worked, but tomorrow is a dry night so I'll give it a go then
  9. The only positive is that if the US has so much going on in its own backyard, it might have less time to go meddling in everyone else's.
  10. I think the US gets less predictable the more divided it gets. There are clearly a lot of people who see the prospect of racial equality as a threat, and when people feel threatened they act differently. And the QAnon stuff is completely bonkers but a lot of people think it's true, and that the Dems getting back in will allow systematic child sexual abuse on a grand scale. And they're all armed. So God only knows what's going to happen - which is kind of worrying.
  11. The problem is that as far as a lot of Republicans are concerned, what the Democrats "did wrong" last time was have a black guy at the top.
  12. Totally. If you read about a Zimbabwean official who had failed in a high profile role immediately being given another, and that they were married to the anti-corruption person, you'd roll your eyes and think "plus ça change".
  13. The article states that £364m of Covid related contracts have been awarded to firms with links to the Conservative Party, without going through a proper procurement process, using an EU loophole ironically. I do get that things need to be done quickly during a pandemic and normal process can be slow, and so some flexibility is required, and if there weren't all the other "coincidences" like Dido Harding and Robert Jenrick / Richard Desmond as well, it wouldn't look so dodgy. But there are those other "coincidences"
  14. The cronyism in this government is awful. Take Dido Harding: "Ms Harding, you headed up the Test and Trace programme that we spent £22bn of other people's money on, and which was highly ineffective, what do you think you would bring as the head of the National Institute of Health Protection?" "Well, I'm friends with David Cameron" "Excellent, well I think that covers it, although I do slightly worry what the Government's Anti-Corruption Champion will think of it" "Oh, don't worry about that, he's my husband"
  15. Also compare the Tory attitude to individual recipients of welfare (fat, stupid, not to be trusted, spend it all on drugs) and corporate recipients of welfare. The abuse by employers of the furlough scheme was way higher than the abuse of personal benefits, yet we don't hear the Tories demonising the businesses.
  16. Tinfoilhat is right - our knowledge of what the Nazis ultimately did can obscure our knowledge of what they were like before they perpetrated genocide. Before that they seemed a lot more ordinary - many people thought they were just silly; the Communists thought they would be a temporary blip, but in the event nearly all the Communists were murdered or imprisoned by the Nazis. So we have to remember that there is a phase before the murderous phase and compare that earlier phase to the present day, otherwise we end up with the logical fallacy that because there's not a genocide happening now, it can't happen again.
  17. A Wikipedia article here examines some similarities between Hitler, Goebbels and Trump in the use of 'big lies'
  18. But the rules allow you to exercise with one person from another household!
  19. Well exactly. POTUS is hardly rendered powerless if they are banned from Twitter, let's have a bit of perspective shall we
  20. Clearly they need this spelling out, in icing, on a big gay cake
  21. If I'm buying a packet I always get Fair Trade, but of course most sugar we consume is hidden in other products
  22. So whereas the benefits of their position used to be socialised, they're now privatised. Must be great being one of their buyers: 10 am - arrive at work 11 am - name price per tonne 11.05 am - go home
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