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  1. Yes it was him but I can’t find anything online regarding the escape I do remember selling a car 20 years ago to a old lad that went white when he saw my name on the log book and asked me if I was related . He then went on to tell me about the escape how the other was tied up in the gym . I often think about putting a book together as this was before I was born and things carried on till he died aged mid 70’s . He joined the hells angels aged 50 and had a friend who came from America that laundered money for the mafia . His answer to most things was to meet it head on with violence. I’ve seen him break people’s knee caps with a cosh . For disrespecting him I know when he first met my mum he ended up assisting her brother with a crow bar then got 12 months for 18 stitches . Hopefully people will put more information on here as I’d like to know more cheers nick
  2. Eric Samuel mangle was my father he died a few years ago . This is very interesting information cheers nick
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