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  1. Hey. Thanks for the reply! I personally se it as primarily community-building and secondarily crime-reduction, though obviously priorities will be decided by the group of participants that emerges. Thanks for the encouragement though! Glad to hear your group was successful. Richard.
  2. A NEW NEIGHBOURHOOD WATCH SCHEME FOR PARK GRANGE IN S2 I grew up in a village where my family knew all of our neighbours. I’ve lived on Park Grange Mount for over three years now, and I know very few of you. Neighbourhood Watches work to build fellow-feeling among people who live locally, making them feel part of communities. That’s why I’ve started a Neighbourhood Watch Approved Scheme for the streets of newer housing in our patch of S2. These streets include Park Spring Grove, Park Spring Drive, Tower Rise, Frank Wright Close, Beeches Drive, Beeches Bank, Roberts Close, Eyre Crescent, Park Grange Drive, Park Grange Mount, Park Grange Rise, Park Grange Court and Park Grange View. If you have a local problem that needs solving, just get in touch with me using my contact details on the left. To receive updates on local issues and events, visit the ‘blog’ section of the website and sign-up for emails. To be part of the local conversation, join the Group Chat via your smartphone using the Signal app: Signal is like WhatsApp, only Signal doesn’t sell your data. Looking forward to hearing from you, Richard Rawlings (Co-Ordinator) Park Grange Neighbours Together www.parkgrange.uk
  3. Hi both, Thanks so much for your replies. I'm thinking that's my next step, to be honest, for the VHS-C tapes. I can't even find a VHS player though! I don't even know with the DV tapes - I've a cardboard box full of them. Some will be full of rubbish and some with great bits. Which is why I'm keener to do it myself than pay for a service etc. I'm really baffled as to why the JVC mini-dv camcorder does not play them well at all. This forum is great! So amazing that you both replied! Thank-you.
  4. Hi all, I am going absolutely mad. I'd love to know if anyone can help me. I thought I'd use some of my lockdown time stuck at home to carry out a family project. I dutifully found all Dad's old MiniDV and VHSC tapes. Not having the original camcorders, I went to eBay. So far I have achieved / failed to achieve the following: Bought a camcorder for the VHSCs that came without a power adaptor. Bought the same one again because it was cheaper than the adaptor. Then discovered it's Hi8 not VHS-C. Bought a VHS-C camcorder 'fully tested'. It arrived, powered up no problem, accepted my tape ( my sister's third birthday) then jammed with the tape in. I've found the manual online and followed all the advice for the error code (in 'safeguard mode'). I cannot get the tape out or make the device work. The manual says 'consult your nearest JVC dealer'. Bought a MiniDV camcorder the plays my tapes but makes them look 'garbled'. Bought an Elgato capture device, which I've not needed to use yet given none of the camcorders work! Does anyone have any advice or support to offer? I'm gutted at the thought I might have irretrievably ruined my sister's birthday tape. Richard.
  5. Hi all, Thanks so much for replying and clarifying definitions (I didn't mean to use jargon). Back to my original point though. Are there any / or do you know of any, bank or agency social / support forums? Thanks so much guys, Richard.
  6. Hi there, I'm a bank and agency nurse living in Sheffield but working in different cities. I'm interested to know if there are others out there in similar positions and whether you'd be interested in forming a social / support group? Get in touch with your thoughts or ideas on here and we can take it from there. Richard.
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