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  1. Needing a car parking space at kelham mills as my housemate and I have moved into an appartment but there is only one. Does anyone have a space they don't use? Thanks!! Xxx
  2. going through a break up and have had to leave our once family home. We are both now living in places that wont allow pets and are both devastated. These pets were our everything and we cant give them the home they need and deserve. If anyone can help it would be amazing. they are geniunely so loving and well behaved and have been doted on from day one. a boy, 1 year, a girl 2 years old, Both vaccinated, neutured and in great health. xx
  3. wouldnt be asking if there was anyone who could help, thanks for your reply x
  4. Where is the best place to take a cat to be rehomed? i know you cannot just turn up with cats to a shelter but this is an emergency. thanks
  5. you sound lovely but i think he would be lonely in the day time, thank you for your reply though xxxx
  6. Reason for Rehome / Sale Time Scale – How Urgent? urgent Sale Amount n/a Has the Dog been in Rescue no Location S10 Age & Sex MALE 3 YEARS Breed/ Mix WESTIE KC Registered NO Approximate size SMALL DOG Exercise Needed SHORT WALKS MINIMUM BUT CAN WALK FOR MILES Neutered & Micro chipped YES Vaccinated & Wormed YES Live in / out IN!!!! Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals LIVED WITH 2 CATS BUT HATES OTHER CATS! Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues NONE Temperament BRILLIANT, LOVING, AFFECTIONATE Good or Bad with Children NEVER BEEN AROUND THEM Dislike of Men or Women NO OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals Travel OK in Car YES Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time HAS BEEN LEFT FOR HALF DAYS BUT PREFERS COMPANY AND NEEDS WALKS Destructive Behaviour NO Barks YES! GOOD GUARD DOG Pull on the lead NO Crate trained Housetrained YES This darling dog is my world and i am devasted to have to make this post. if you can offer him the love and attention he deserves please reply. he deserves the very best xxxxx
  7. Due to a really sad break up, where both my partner and I are left in a situation where we cannot keep our beloved westie, he is looking for a new home. It breaks my heart to leave him but he deserves all the love and attention in the world and i need to know he is going to a happy home that at the moment neither of us can provide. Roland is 3 years old and incredibly affectionate, he just wants love and attention all day long. He is castrated and loves going on walks, doesnt pull on lead or anything. He has had a spoiled life (with love and affection ) and he needs to go to a home where he would be the priority. He gets on well with dogs he is familiar with but is quite cautious. He has never been around children so i cant comment on that. Would really suit an older couple maybe retired who can dote on him. Its a long shot to post on here i realise and we are trying to make sure he goes with someone we know but it may not be possible and i know there are a lot of animal lovers on here. thanks for reading. xxx
  8. Has anyone got any slow cooker curry recipes? with an authentic taste not the bland jarred sauce type curry. Thanks x
  9. Hallam you still looking for someone here?
  10. Hi, has anyone got a free or for sale indoor guinea pig cage for two guinea pigs? thanks x
  11. Looking for a few tips with our dog. Basically whenever someone comes to the house, he hears the gate go and starts barking like mad, he runs round like crazy and we cannot calm him down. When I come in i give him a cuddle (may be the prob!?) he quietens down eventually. When its someone else he barks and barks until they leave or he can give them a good sniff. We've tried to come into the house and completely blank him until he is quiet and then say hello etc, but he just seems to have associated the gate going with going crazy!? any tips top breaking this? Its a little bit embarrassing and im sure its scary for some people.
  12. Anyone up for a Sheff Forum Fifa 12 league starting today / tonight?
  13. Does anyone know of any sweet shops where they still weigh them out of big jars? thanks
  14. Hi, Does anyone know where abouts in sheffield you can get the HD brows treatment and how much is it? thanks xx
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