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  1. The fire at Arnold lavers was 1968 queens road fire ,my dad was the care taker at Brammel lane Arnoldlavers .We lived in the huge flat above the officers on cherry \street and my dad ofcause went down to queens road to do whatever he could .One brave wonderfull thing he did was to save the guard dogs ,Kim the female alsation had had pups and my dad saved them which ended up with us haveing one of the pups Major whom became the guard dog at Cherry street /Brammell lane branch .We had wonderfull times while liveing in the woodyard ,tarzan swings making dens out of timber and sheetings ofcause and collecting pop bottles of the work men and taking them back to Jim&Joand shop on corner of Cherry Street and getting a penny back on them high light of my sisiter and mines week .Yes wonderfull times wonderfull memories .
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