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  1. Friend was tested the day he had symptoms. Actually got booked in the same morning and had to go to Rotherham. Got the result the day after. Positive result. No other symptoms other than loss of smell.🙂
  2. Hi Newish member. 😬 Was on years ago but haven't been on for about 15 years. More of a reader than a poster tbh. Trying to be a bit more pro active lately though 😇
  3. We have alpaca manure if anyone wants any. As far as I'm aware it can be used fresh. I've used it more or less fresh before anyway and it was fine. Did have a massive four tonne pile that was rotted down to great compost but gave it a farmer to spread on his field as it was getting too large. It's building up again now though
  4. Did this ever get off the ground?
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