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  1. // CARGO WAREHOUSE PARTY // 09.11.13 // AXEL BOMAN (Studio Barnhus / Pampa) // BRAND NEW WAREHOUSE SPACE // LOCATION REVEALED ON THE NIGHT // £6 EARLY BIRDS ALMOST GONE! Comin' at you like a bag of dicks, we're back with a dirty old warehouse knees up! We haven't thrown a sweaty warehouse party since our 7th birthday at Hope Works way back in February. But fear not, we still know exactly how its done. And my word are we READY! In fact, we reckon after our summer of bigness with Sneak, Chandler, Woolfood, Hunee, October and co. we've never been ready-er-er. So, enter the guest... Paul Growns 'fancies him'. Apparently this is all the blurb we need. However I think he deserves more of an introduction. So, Paul Growns and his wife Chris Moore, often bend our ears about DJ's, producers, tunes etc. And more often than not they are right on the money. And never have they been more on point than with our headline act. We've all loved his work for a long time, however one of his performances enraptured one member of the Cargo team to the point which, looking with hindsight, actually sealed the fate; he was officially on our MOST WANTED list! Rewind to summer 2012, as the sun rose over a slightly jaded Cargo boy at The Garden Festival, Croatia - our guest eased his adoring people through 2 hours of the choicest house and techno cuts you're ever likely to hear in the space of 2 hours. Holding the crowd till the very end, as the warmth of the new day gently moved through the air, the gorgeous sound of Roy Davis Jr's 'Gabriel' resonated from the speakers and through the finger tips of so many upwardly thrown hands... it became very apparent the GrowMore boys were REALLY onto something. The man in question was Axel Boman and by golly we're bringing him to Sheffield. The above is, of course, a mere memory; a hazy recollection of a beautiful evening. None of the above even gives reference to the records he's produced and remixed for the likes of Pampa and Hypercolour, or via his lauded Studio Barnhus imprint. Nor do we mention the countless stunning mixes he's provided to the online electronic music community (his Boiler Room is worth a punt). But when you are in the business of throwing parties, nothing beats seeing and hearing someone in action to bring forth a desire to share their talent with our fine city. AXEL SHEFFIELD IS WAITING! Next up... the venue! We should issue a warning with this one; ***THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO PARTY IN THIS WAREHOUSE SPACE!*** I'm afraid this new warehouse has barely been broken in over the summer and the landlord is asking for the keys back! BOO! HISS! Well we wont let that stop our fun. We're intent on sending this place off with a bang! It's big, its industrial, its got a gnarly ass Funktion One rig and we're going to smash the titties out of it. There are a few £6 tickets left which are an absolute steal. They will be gone by the weekend so grab them NOW via http://www.cargo-sheffield.com before they go up. £6/£8/£10 - http://www.cargo-sheffield.com / RA / PFTP / Skiddle See you ont floor. Love Cargo x "It's yours"
  2. Back for another BEAST! Cargo rolls back into Fez for the last Bank Holiday of the Summer. Anyone who witnessed the last seeing to we gave to Fez will remember (or maybe not) that it truly was one of the best nights Sheffield has seen recently. Of course we'll be bringing back the daytime action, the second room, the lights, the optimised sound and we have invited a certain someone to make sure the music is pretty special too... Sheffield, we bring you... KERRI CHANDLER [Madhouse Records] DJ, producer, label owner. These things can be accredited to so many artists we've brought to Sheffield over the years. But Kerri is exceptional. He's a very special guy and we are very excited about him coming to our equally special city. If you're reading this and know who Kerri Chandler is then we don't need to tell you how revered he is across the world of house music. Kerri can be counted among the true legends of the scene with a career spanning more decades than some of us have been alive. His Madhouse Records was founded as an outlet for his music in 1992 with his first release on the label selling in excess of 100,000 copies on vinyl alone. Like I said, he's exceptional. We could go on. And on and on and on. But you've probably stopped reading and purchased your ticket by now! If you don't know, then get to know. If you already knew, we'll be seeing you there. SILKY [My Favourite Robot] His name may sound fresh to you, but this lad has already enjoyed more of a career that many of today's hottest talent will ever see. For years Silky was Frankie Knuckles' tour DJ and protege and as such has travelled the world plying his trade. In recent years his productions have been released on the likes of OFF Recordings, Nervous and My Favourite Robot and our man on the inside tells us his future releases are going to propel Silky yet further into his unbelievable journey. We're sure that after all the years warming up for Frankie Knuckles we can rest assured he'll deliver the goods when we get him in the Fez! OCTOBER [Aus / Skudge / Tanstaafl] October first came onto our radar in the spring of 2012 after picking up his ridonkulous 'Planet of Minds' release on his own Tanstaafl label. Since then we've kind of been hooked on everything he does! And there's a lot to get hooked on. I dare any lover of dance floor arse shaking to listen to his DJ sets or one of his productions and not find themselves gyrating like that Spider Man bloke from Ibiza. RATED. TICKETS... http://www.cargo-sheffield.com All £13 tickets have now SOLD OUT but fear not... we now have our second release £15 tickets on sale and they are FLYING! These tickets have been on sale for a while now and from the early sales we're fully expecting a banger. Do not delay! Daytime action, second room and other stuff to be announced nearer the time. SERIOUSLY looking forward to this one! Love Cargo x "It's yours"
  3. Another half price sky tv offer on twitter: #Sheffield New customers can get HALF PRICE Sky TV for a year when you join with HD Pack-save up to £424. Call 0800 804 7464 Quote:Twitter
  4. We have a music event on the 26th May and we looking for an icecream van to be there and possibly a couple of food stalls. If you are interested or know anyone who is please get in touch via email cargosheffield@gmail.com The day time event will run from 4pm til 10pm and we will be expecting a large crowd.
  5. Paper tickets are now available in Balance, which is located opposite Dev Green next to the Green Room. You can also get tickets via the cargo website: http://www.cargo-sheffield.com ---------- Post added 13-05-2013 at 10:45 ---------- Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/579997408686577/
  6. Im so glad someone has posted this as i need a similar similar service. I have a leather jacket which is quite wide 'bat winged if you like' which i would like taking in to be more fitted. Im based in S20
  7. Facebook event page is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/579997408686577/?fref=ts We will also be holding a daytime party running from 4pm - check the event page for more details
  8. * CARGO MAY BANK HOLIDAY SPECIAL * After a short hiatus, Cargo will once again be gracing Fez Club for 2 very special occasions. We are extremely excited to announce that on 26th May 2013 we welcome DJ SNEAK to Sheffield. Chuffed? Us? How about KERRI CHANDLER on 25th August? More info on that in the coming weeks. Now, as you've come to expect from Cargo over the years, we'll also be drafting in the services of a plethora of other international DJ talent; enter PAUL WOOLFORD [Hotflush], HUNEE [Rush Hour] and Cargo super resident MATTHEW BURTON [shifted Flow]. And just to make it more interesting we will be giving Fez a damn good switch around. There will be a new layout to the room, added visuals, a newly installed LED lighting rig, improved sound, a second room, outside area and day party. Expect full scale production the likes of which has been so successful at Cargo's other project with Collect! and Drumroll; FACTION. You can grab double tickets for this and our August Bank Holiday event (with KERRI CHANDLER no less) from: http://www.cargo-sheffield.com ... Or you can get a single ticket that will give entry to just the May event with DJ Sneak. We advise not hanging around on those as they have been on sale to our fan page peeps for a week now! PFTP / RA / http://www.cargo-sheffield.com tickets all on their way in the next couple of days. We can't wait for this one. Its going to be BIG! _________________________________ * CARGO MAY BANK HOLIDAY SPECIAL * DJ SNEAK PAUL WOOLFORD HUNEE MATTHEW BURTON + LOTS MORE ACTS TBA + DAY PARTY TBA * £25 DOUBLE TICKETS FOR MAY + AUGUST RUNNING LOW! * £13 SINGLE TICKET FOR MAY RUNNING LOW! Love Cargo "It's yours"
  9. Its for 12 months - after which i can cancel
  10. Saw this deal on twitter and thought id share it with you all. I have rang them and its legit. We still have a few half price Sky TV vouchers left for anyone wanting cheap Sky TV. Call 01909 562266 now quoting #twitter #sheffield
  11. Good stuff! See you Saturday! Just as a heads up - well over half the ticket allocation for this event has been sold - if you plan on coming down please get your tickets asap!
  12. Yes they will be in tomorrow. You can also get them via our website: http://www.cargo-sheffield.com
  13. *EARLY BIRDS SOLD OUT WITHIN 24 HOURS* £10 + bf tickets are available at http://www.cargo-sheffield.com Tama Sumo (Panorama Bar/Ostgut Ton/Berlin) KRL (Wolf Music) Tony Lionni (Freerange/Ostgut Ton) Mathematics has never been my strong point, but according to the massive black board in my lobby (I have a lobby) which is smattered with furiously scribbled calculations of only the longest division and totally solid algebra, I’m pretty sure this is Cargo’s 7th birthday party. Now, don’t take my word for it. If you’re not a fan of maths, here’s a story as told by Cargo’s own Teddy Ruckspin; James Maplebeck. “7 years ago myself, a fellow member of the east coast (Grimsby) massive, and the coolest man to step out of Swinton joined forces and made a vow to become the most bad ass minimal techno night in Sheffield. We achieved that on night #1 as we started the ONLY minimal techno night in Sheffield. Fast forward 7 years and our strategy has changed. For a start we don’t just play techno. Some of us had babies. Some of us are still the coolest person to step out of Swinton. Some of us are ‘new’. And some of us have gotten quite into yoga. But however we look at it, one way or another, Cargo has managed mainly by fluke to float on the breeze made famous by Forest Gumps feather and keep going for what seems like eternity. We. Are. 7! As the saying goes; come one, come all, lets have a massive ****ing party in a Sheffield warehouse with friends, old and new - and some pretty special acts thrown in for good measure. Ah, the small matter of the acts... We’ll kick off with the queen of the Panorama Bar loooong set. And seeing as though she likes to play for a long time, we said we’d give her a good crack at it. 4 lovely hours of her wonderful goodness. We’ve heard her play across the spectrum of dance music. Whether its disco oddities, 70’s soul, Chicago house or mind melting techno, you can guarantee she only plays music that moves her. When there’s nothing else that matters but being locked in the groove on a heaving dance floor, you need a DJ that can deliver. A ‘DJ’s DJ’. The kind of DJ that makes people that don't dance get down like James Brown. We are proud to complete our 7th year and head into our 8th with the amazingly talented TAMA SUMO. People, get on the floor. Front and centre. You won’t want to miss this. Next up. KR ****ing L. This chap has been an integral part of one of the most adored house music labels of recent years - Wolf Music. It was clear all those months ago on a hot sweaty boat in Croatia that the lads behind this sound were pretty special. When all you can hear are 200 revved up, canine loving, party animals literally howling in appreciation you know the music associated with WOLF is not something that will come and go with the turn of the tide. I digress, KRL may not have been on that boat - who can seriously remember? But you get my point. As a major contributor to said label (his only source of output for original material, no less), we are very excited to be bringing KRL to Sheffield. Now if I were an accomplished scribe I'd conjour a snappy caption about KRL crying wolf yet not getting violently eaten - but articulating something witty that makes sense at this hour makes my brain bad go. So in short; KRL. House. Good. Dance. Fun. Etc etc. Finally; Tony Lionni. Some musicians make deeper than deep music. Trying their darndest to maintain a well and truly sub-zero persona, with a shadowy intrigue built into their creations. That's not quite Tony Lionni’s style. Even Tony’s more restrained tracks seem to blossom into something totally extraordinary. Yet his straight up house bangers, oft found in the record collections of our own residents, still manage to maintain a level of lush decadence. Think sweet multi layered melodies dancing against one another, yet kick like a mule. Tony makes and plays house and techno aimed squarely at moving people both emotionally and otherwise. Highly recommended. Get some. Tickets! Can’t forget the tickets. Basically they always sell fast for our birthday parties, so don’t mess about if you intend to celebrate with us. Outlets will be available soon, but in the meantime grab them on the Cargo website. At the time of writing this there are 13 early birds left but there won’t be for long! 7 years and not really counting. Love, Cargo. “It’s your’s” http://www.cargo-sheffield.com PAPER TICKET OUTLETS: Amy Ledger - 07772 741799 Kevin Hailes - 07403288984 Matt Horton - 07852271220 Indeg Sly - 07714 434520 Dan J Towns - 07896 414948 Jake Thompson - 07771 251931 Naomi Charmichael - 07532 247180 Alice Punch - 07833 226959 Sam Harker - 07708 220956 Shops tba. ---------- Post added 24-01-2013 at 16:40 ---------- Online tickets have been flying out for this. If you prefer a physical ticket our sellers will have them on Saturday
  14. Tickets for this are moving really quickly now - you can get paper tickets in all the usual outlets or via http://www.faction-sheffield.com
  15. FACTION NYE: Some of you may remember – or at least have the occasional flashback, your smoky hedonism punctured by half-recalled blasts of light and noise – a wee shindig in a warehouse one rain-soaked Sunday in June. This meeting of Sheffield’s finest musical minds brought about a party of such monumental proportions, of such far-reaching and soul-plucking magnitude and knees-up excellence, that even now no one’s entirely sure it quite happened. Were you there? At Faction? When Move D wouldn’t stop and Slam tore everything asunder? Were you? Well, with six months of reflection and repair undertaken, Sheffield’s crews are back with a wintry womb-trembler that threatens the traditions of that most sacred holiday - the underwhelming New Year’s Eve. No, it seems that 2013 will be ushered in not by damp party poppers and a regretful snog with Lydia from accounts, but rather with the rumbling thud of house and techno’s finest exponents doing their level best to frighten the new year out the door. I know. We’re sorry. With Jools Holland otherwise engaged we’ve put our minds to constructing a true spectacle of a lineup, a scintillating selection of 4/4 gods who’ll be bringing in 2013 not with a whimper, but with an ear-shredding bang. Same format applies: HOUSE ROOM: - Murphy Jax Live - Agnes - Jay Shepheard - Gerd TECHNO ROOM: - James Ruskin - Regis - O/V/R live - Alex Smoke live Expect same, epic sound and lighting. plus a countdown to end all countdowns. Plus a warren of other rooms to get lost in and mysterious corners to lose your mind in. Literally no better way to see in the New Year. See you there... Tickets: 100 LIMITED £18 EARLY BIRD SOLD OUT IN 3 HOURS LIMITED £20 SUPER ADV: http://partyforthepeople.org.uk/event/faction-details-coming-soon/ Advanced to follow
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