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  1. On 27/09/2020 at 13:27, Rockers rule said:

    WOW Clydebank you nearly got me on this one and I wrote the following before finding something in the link below. 

    and still stand by it.

    I Iived and worked in the area in the 60's through to the late 80's & our lass lived there from birth and even

    she can't remember what was next to the Pheasant apart from the lane that lead to the 'U boat' to the left or the 'Turtle' to the right 

    If you look through the link below someone mentions the 'Paradise' bottom of London Rd & that it had burnt down in 1985.

    Rather strange both of us not remembering either the Restaurant or it being burnt down, as a  fire on London Rd would have

    been big news to us back then.

    It couldn't have been that good of a restaurant or as good as 'the Star of Asia' (old 'Horridge & Wildgoose' motorcycle shop)

    further up which was always our favourit  Indian restaurant after a good gargle in the many Pubs on London Rd. 

    Best Goat Vindaloo anywhere.







    Thanks everyone it definitely was the Paradise 👍

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